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Flower Embellished Necklace

Project #1975

With this flower-embellished necklace, you will be in the latest style with customized couture made by you! It couldn't be easier to make - just follow the easy steps to create your own.

Other Supplies: Beaded Chain, Chain, Charms, Clasp, Fabric, Glass Beads, Jump Rings, Metal Spacer Beads, Pearl Beads, Pliers, Wire Cutters

Die-cut several layers of fabric using the Flower without the hole from the Flower Album die and set aside. String pearls, glass beads and metal spacer beads to create the long layer of a double layer necklace; attach each end to a 2-to-1 connector. On one end be sure to thread the connector through the flower so that it becomes the flower center. Cut a beaded chain to size so that it becomes the shorter layer of the necklace; for added interest, add several metal charms to the beaded chain using jump rings and attach each end to the connector. Finish necklace by adding a chain and clasp to the necklace.

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