New Baby Calendar

Project #21459

Announce your good news in the most special way, and make your own calendar to represent your due date.

Other Supplies: Printed Calendar and Sentiment, Patterned Cardstock, Wooden Peg, Scan Picture (Optional), Tacky Glue

  1. Die-cut one of the display stands using Display Stand die set out of patterned cardstock.
  2. Assemble the display stand.
  3. Adhere the printed sentiment and calendar onto pink cardstock using foam tape so that it is slightly raised and has a small pink border.
  4. Adhere the printed sentiment and calendar onto the display stand using tacky glue.
  5. Die-cut two hearts using the Heartfelt die set out of gray and pink cardstock.
  6. Adhere the hearts onto the peg using tacky glue and attach the scan using the peg onto the corner of the display stand.

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