Vintaj Natural Brass Findings - 20mm x 10mm French Ear Wires (Set of 3)

Item #29902
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Another essential design element from Vintaj, these Natural Brass (20 gauge) French Ear Wires contain 6 pieces per package to create amazing earrings. Featuring nickel-free brass ear wire, these are especially ideal for those with sensitivities to metal.

Need more inspiration? Stamp, hammer, twist, bend, hang, link, layer, cluster, glue, alter, ink, paint and more to create many types of projects with your Vintaj Findings! Perfect for coordinating with other metals (sterling, copper, arte metal), grungeboard, wood, leather, acrylic, textiles, foil, canvas and more.

For more great ideas on how to design with this item, refer to our related projects as well as the Project Gallery at

Product Dimensions 20mm x 10mm
Includes Set of 3 (6 Pieces)

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