Let's Get Making With Our 10 Favorites From Lori Whitlock!


With Summer right around the corner, we felt inspired by these whimsical Lori Whitlock designs. From the texture to the unique color schemes these makes give us magical vibes. We have picked out 10 of our favorite projects for you to experiment with. We hope to give you some inspiration for your next adventure.Let's dive in!

1.  Fall Cards FallCard1@janhobbins

With a rustic color scheme and a pop of color, what more could you want? This tree gatefold die gives you that 3D vibe with its interactive designs, which is still a stop tren for us makers. There is such a  variety with these Lori Whitlock dies. She even has a lace gatefold die! Check this blog out for more details!

2.  Party PlanningPhoto-5-1024x1024

It is always difficult to choose party favors, but this simple yet fun design makes it a little bit easier. What we love about this project is that it shows that small details have a big payoff. The doilies give it that dainty look, it makes your design look more intricate than it really is.  It is a cute and simple addition to your party planning needs. Go look here for the project.

3.  Textured Butterfly Lantern


This Rustic effect is a trend we hope never goes away. It gives us mystical garden vibes. We can just picture this make as part of a garden tea party! What do you guys think? Take a look here!

4. Mini Story


Everything is better in mini form! We are obsessed with these mini albums, you get so many options. You can add as many pages as you want, hearts, flowers, whatever your imagination takes you. Making one yourself gives it that creative spin that your family and friends will cherish for a lifetime. Here is the blog.

5. Watercolor Bird Cage


What we love about this three-dimensional make is that it's a home for these beautiful birds rather than a cage. Talk about outside the box ideas! This project is going to blow you away with technique. This blog has all the details.

6. Springtime Card


Less is more is the approach to take when it comes this card. The simplicity of this make gives it a classy vibe. We love how Tara did it this way, but we cannot wait to see how you put your own spin on it because there is no limit to your creativity with this project. We can't wait to see how you make yours! Check it out here.

7. Floral Gift Tags


Layering is the way to our heart, the dimension it gives the make is amazing. It draws your attention to it the minute your eyes spot it! These tags take giving gifts to a whole new level. The beauty of it reminds us of when were kids and would play with the wrapping instead of the actual gift. Classic right? Look here for details.

8.  Cupcake Giftbox


Who doesn't love cupcakes? You can't eat this one, but who would want to? We are blown away by its beauty. Anna-Karin does such a great job of showing you a quick and easy way to make this bag. All the color options and textures, we want to get this project started now! This blog has everything you need to know.

9. Birthday Banner


Birthday banners are a fun way to decorate your party. Alexis gives such a great tutorial on how to execute these amazing designs, giving tips on how to amp up your banner. Check out this blog.

10.  Stamp & Stencil Card


These bold graphics make your paper scrap look like new. The Perfect Labels and the Mix and Match dies will give use to your leftover materials with their wide range of designs. We love that we get to use every bit of product! It makes the clean up so much easier when there is nothing to clean. Here are some fun ways to use these tools.


We hope you loved eyeballing these colorful designs. Which one inspired you the most? The cupcake makes our heart all kinds of happy. Let us know in the comments below which one was your favorite! We love hearing from you. Let's jumpstart our projects this weekend!


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