National Craft Month: 10 Memes Every Crafter Can Relate To

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Happy National Craft Month! We love the month of March- there are so many reasons to make and celebrate! St. Patrick's Day, the First Day of Spring, Easter... this is the PERFECT month to celebrate all things craft related! Today, we wanted to do something a little bit different to kick off the start of National Craft Month. We created 10 memes that every crafter/maker can relate to, with more to come throughout the month. Are you ready for some Tuesday morning funniness? Set down your coffee, some of these memes might have you literally laughing out loud.

1.) Calligraphy: An Illusive Art

When you try and do calligraphy,but its just cursive.

My 3rd grade teacher would be proud.

2.) Organization: Or lack thereof


Don't judge me. Please.

3.) Hot Glue Guns: Why is the glue so HOT?!

How do I still have fingerprints-!

I'm waiting for the day that my fingerprint scanner won't unlock my phone.

4.) The Love of Glitter

Glitter Meme

Santa better step up his beard game this year. #justsayin

5.) The Black Hole of Time

What do you mean I've been crafting for 8 hours-! It's only noon, right-

I know there's NO way I missed lunch.

6.) The Magically Appearing Sequins

How did this sequin get here- They're multiplying!

I feel like my clothes are hoarding them...

7.) Fixing a Questionable Make

Add some watercolor toit...maybe that will help.

Water coloring always fixes something.

8.) Color Mixing

I know I learned about color mixing in kindergarden, but i still thik I should be able to use green without it turning things brown.

#mixedmediaprobs Green doesn't always play well with others.

9.) Craft-tastrophes

Oh no. Undo! Undo!

How is it 2016 and we still haven't come up with an undo machine for crafting?!

10.) Taking Pride In What We Do

you're the greatest!



In celebration of National Craft Month, we wanted to do something really fun with all of you on Instagram. Every day, starting today, we have a different theme/idea for you to post.


Today, we showed off Sizzix's favorite color: mint! (We were super jealous of our Digital Marketing Manager Liz and her cute little pint of Mint Gelato!) Don't forget to tag us with #sizzixcm so we can see all of your awesome pics this month! (To see a recap of our first week, check out our fun Roundup Post!) From all of us here at Sizzix, Happy National Craft Month! What crafts and makes will you be creating for March?

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9 thoughts on “National Craft Month: 10 Memes Every Crafter Can Relate To”

  • Debbie Kaste

    LOVED this post. Especially the one about 'glitter makes everything better'. My nephew has a beard, will have to show him Sizzix has the best dies. I plan on making Easter items for our family get together! So much fun....

  • Cheryl W

    I love crafting and Sizzix has some of the best crafting tools around. I have my heart set on a Sizzix Big Shot Plus...someday. At least I can dream! Love the dies and have a few of them, but, of course, I always need more. Thank you for make a quality product for a reasonable price.

  • Carol S

    Sizzix is always my 'go to' when searching for a certain something. I really want the Big Shot Pro. I don't know if the Pro dies will work in the Plus but I have a feeling they won't.

    Memes 2 and 5 are my favorites. Hmmm what does that say about me? Ha

    Thank you, Sizzix!

  • Holly Hatch

    You know #6 (the sequins)--that's me with GLITTER instead. I "wear" it all the time, even when I'm not crafting with it. My friends are always saying....Holly, you have glitter on your face. I even have it all over the floor of my car because I can't get it out of the rug! LOL

  • sharon l-s

    I love this post I firmly believe in the Craft room (in my case 75% of the house) quote. Thanks for starting the day with lots of laughter.

  • Dolores

    Love my Sizzix machine and use it almost daily for either paper or felt. Loved the glitter beard too even though I'm not too found of beards. I really liked No 2. Think if I ever got totally organized I wouldn't want to do anything to mess it all up.

  • renee milner

    These are so true and so funny, and boy did I need a laugh (because I'm having such a Monday, ugh)! Could y'all make #2-#5 into stamps? :)

  • renee milner

    These are so funny, and I really needed the laughs today :)

  • Bairb

    So funny - gotta love the 12 hours crafting - time does fly when you are having fun!

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