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10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

Hello Makers!

This is Dai from the Sizzix blog team and I hope you are sitting down in your one of a kind, hand made, floor cushion because I am about to unleash some amazing information. I am moving this weekend to my very first adult apartment (goodbye hotplate and hello range!) . It's exciting and I feel like I have everything ready to go, except for the things that really make an apartment a home. While looking for inspiration, I compiled a list of 10 designs that really jumped out at me.

1.) Gallery Wall

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

Gallery walls are my favorite part of the living room, the hall, the kitchen, the office..well..the everything. I love gallery walls because you have the possibility to make your own Pinterest inspired wall.  The gallery wall used to be pictures strategically placed on the wall next to stairs of family members but has evolved into a working gallery that constantly inspires you, motivates you and just plain makes you happy. This means that you can add pictures of family as much as quotes, funny sayings or just colorful images.This watercolor inspired gallery wall additions gives me chills. It is beautiful and easy. Check out the tutorial here.

2.) Color

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

Color is elusive. It's hard to coordinate, sometimes it doesn't look quite right, or it's just so darn hard to get that perfect shade. This is why I am obsessing over this watercolor painting. With the gorgeous blend of vibrant colors this painting will add a sweet pop of wow to your walls or space. Stop on by the Little Big Bell blog to check out this statement print.

3.) Luxe Quilt Blanket

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

I've been seeing the luxe fur blanket trend everywhere. While I think that faux fur gives a certain soft quality to hard edges, I prefer my faux fur on my chairs and not my couch. That is why I love the idea of this amazing quilt. I give it 5 stars on the snuggle and fort scale. It's amazingly simple to make and customize to your liking and colors. If you feel like you are missing a bit of the faux fur element, you can add a fun faux fur trim or even better...pompoms!

4.) Mug Rug

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

So. Darn. Cute. I love this mug rug...just...everything. I have a special place in my heart for all things bunny and geometric related and this mug rug is on my list of things to make for sure. Find this super easy project here.

5.) Embroidery Hoops Wall Decor

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

As a person that owns many embroidery hoops I gotta say, this is definitely making the gallery wall at my new place. Easy to make and customize, this would make a great addition to a make space or nursery. Check out the tutorial here.

6.) Table Runner

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

Now, I know that this runner is technically more kitchen table decor but, how cute would it look on the coffee table ? I'm completely taken aback by the way Spring is represented with the bunny, burlap and pastels on this runner. I'm also a huge sucker for ruffles. Pick up the tutorial here and make your own version to Spring-ify your living room.

7.) Wood Blocks On Wall

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

if you have ever wanted a 3-D gallery wall, here is the perfect one. I love the addition of the white paint on the inside of these wood boxes. If you're really good with your hands, and own a few power tools, you can even make these boxes yourself using scrap wood. Check out the inspiration here.

8.) Agate Stone Wall Hooks

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

Agate is hot, hot, hot. It's a trend that hasn't gone away and I for one am so ok with that. Keep the agate inspired things coming! How cute is this wall hook tutorial though? Easily add color and functionality to your agate stone collection.

9.) Pom Pom Basket

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

I'm the kind of person that has to constantly keep myself from pom-pom-ing everything, but when I saw this basket I could not help myself. Made out of raffia ribbon, this pom pom basket is cute and has the added bonus of fully functioning as storage. Check out the tutorial here (but try not to go crazy...or we may need to start a pom poms anonymous.)

10.) Faux Fireplace

10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

My new apartment comes with a faux fireplace and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait until I get to dress up my mantle. If you aren't lucky enough to have one already built in for you, there is still hope. You can find the start to finish tutorial here but be prepared to grab your tools and your can-do attitude because this is a weekend long project.

I hope you loved checking out these glam-inspired projects. What are you making this weekend?  What cool new MIY projects for your living room are you excited about?

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