15 Ways To Conquer The First Day Of School

Put away your swim suits and tear down those sand castles, because that time of the year is coming: back-to-school season. It seems like the first day of summer vacation happened yesterday, but now it's time to bring back the pencil pouches, backpacks, and lunch boxes. Here's 15 ways to conquer the first day of school!

Lunch Bags

Step 2 to conquering the back-to-school season: lunch bags. From preparing lunch to packing it, avoid the mess and clutter of lunch bags by sewing your own reusable bag! Need more inspiration to start? Check out our blog on 3 Sewable Lunch Bags For Back-To-School!


Bookmarks are a definite must for conquering the first day! Keep track of all readings and make focused reading easier with colorful bookmarks that keep your eyes on the page. Make your own interactive bookmark here, that's filled with shakable sequins and all sorts of fun!

Book Covers

Keep your books safe and sound with book covers! An essential part of conquering back-to-school is not only getting the right supplies, but how to keep those supplies in top condition for the rest of the year. Making book covers is a back-to-school tradition world wide - you can check out our blog for 13 Fun Back To School Traditions for more fun activities!


Having a journal or notebook on-hand is a sure fire way to conquer the school year! Turn your boring old notebooks into inspirational booklets that you'll never forget to carry around with this Hello Doily Leaves Journal DIY tutorial!

Pencil Pouches

If all writing utensils could organize themselves, then back-to-school would just be another walk in the park. That's why pencil pouches exist, so all of your markers, pens, and other supplies don't disappear within a week of buying them. You can keep all of your supplies in this amazing DIY Half Moon Pencil Pouch that'll hold everything you need.


Going to back-to-school without binders is almost unthinkable nowadays. Keep your binders labeled by decorating your binder covers! For more organizational DIY's, you can also make this stylish wrap that's perfect for organizing all of your writing supplies.

Planners & Agendas

You can't say the words back-to-school without mentioning planners and agendas! Organization is key to conquering this busy season of extreme planning and scheduling. Keeping a daily checklist can do wonders to clear up a hectic day, which is why we have this DIY Planner that's easy to keep track of! Write down groceries, important dates, and more.

Locker Decor & Kits

For a locker that's going to be your space for the next few years, customizing and organizing a locker to your needs is step one to conquering the first day of school! Make your locker a one-stop place for all of your school needs and if you need help with decor ideas, check out our products that are meant for fast and easy DIY projects!

Mini Polaroid Photos

Make those special moments even sweeter by capturing them in Polaroids! These mini-photos are essential when it comes to memory-keeping, so why not make a whole photo album out of them? Check out this awesome DIY Mini Album that can capture the entire school year in one place.


What would back-to-school be if we didn't have name tags? The sure-cut way to keep things organized and in-place, name tags is partially the reason why we know who or what anything is at all! Have a great start to the school year by making these DIY Leaf Escort Tags here!

Folder/Notebook Decor

Like we said, organization is a must in order to conquer the first day of school. With all of your folders, agendas, and notebooks, sometimes some decoration is just what you need to keep yourself in check. Just look how those DIY Planner Stickers that's good for both teachers, students, and parents alike! You can find the full tutorial for these stickers here.

Coffee Sleeves

Between early schedules and late afternoon drawls, coffee always finds a way in your back-to-school planning. Avoid the mess of coffee sleeves lying around by making your own reusable one! We have a handy-dandy Coffee Cup Sleeve die that'll make it easy to create them en masse. If you want a tutorial on how to spice up the coffee sleeves you have, check out this pumpkin-themed Decorative Coffee Cup Sleeve here!

Pencil Decor

Sometimes, a pencil pouch isn't enough to conquer the back-to-school season! Make sure that pencils never get lost by adding unique toppers and decor to your favorite writing utensils. Not sure where to start? Maybe this Butterfly Pencil Topper will help you out.

Picture Frames

Make your own photo frames to keep all your memories in one place! From the first day, to Halloween, to the medals and awards, every moment is worth documenting. Make a frame that'll make you remember these moments forever - you can start with this Tri-Fold Picture Stand Tutorial.


Whether it be for writing support or decor, clipboards have been a great device for keeping all of your papers together. For a quick and easy DIY that's perfect for school, make this Hello Pinwheel Clipboard that can double as a decor piece or a handy writing tool.

What is your way to conquer the first day of school? Let us know! And remember to follow us on our social media pages (FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest) and don't forget to share your makes with us by using #sharewithsizzix!

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