40 eclips videos in 40 days!

We did it! We met our goal of 40 eclips videos in 40 days!!

We hope you've enjoyed learning about our new favorite e-cutter!

With so many great features, of course we will have more videos, tips, tricks and projects in the future!

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Happy Crafting!


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2 thoughts on “40 eclips videos in 40 days!”

  • Anonymous

    Hi Stephanie,I am so shocked. The fourty Videos are over already. I was so much fun watching you and Kevin and I learned a lot. Thank you so much. I hope we will see a view more "how to" Videos with the comming print2cut software. Thanks again. It was so much fun.Gabi

  • Robin Cooper

    I would sure LOVE it if the ecips could do True Type fonts from your computer. I would also like to design my own images to cut out. The videos have been great and thank you for the inspiration on how to use a die cutting machine. I've ordered mine and am eagerly awaiting it.

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