Are These 5 Valentine's Day Trends On Your List?

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Happy Valentine's Day, loves! Today, we have all the feels, not just for our friends and loved ones, but for all the making trends that are relevant, not just to today, but to this entire year! From watercolor, to calligraphy, succulents, mini's and 3 dimensional makes, these trends have carried over from 2016 into 2017 and we only see them evolving even further as time continues on. Are you ready for some seriously trendy inspiration? Lets get to it, and introduce you all to our top five Valentine's Day trends!

1. Watercolor 

Watercolor is such a visually appealing, soft technique, one which we love using in our makes. What makes this trend so hot right now, is that you don't have to be a professional to utilize it in your makes and craft projects. This past weekend, our Sizzix Licensed Designer, Katelyn Lizardi filmed this adorable Valentine's DIY using watercolor, her Otterly In Love Clear Stamps set and embossing powder- further showing off the unique power this trend has in our maker's world. Adding watercolor to your cards and projects immediately takes it to a new level of amazingness.

2. Calligraphy

Photo Credit: Brenda Walton

Some of us have calligraphy and lettering envy here at Sizzix- the ability to hand draw and hand write those slopes and swoops, creating the perfect letters to form a beautiful word or sentiment just seems to elude us. But thankfully, we have a trick for being able to add that lettering with some of our Clear Stamps, though we realize that actually being able to do the lettering and calligraphy ourselves would add that extra oomph for us in our makes.

3. SucculentsSucculents

Nature and rustic-inspired looks have been trending for a while now, but we're seeing an evolution of this trend, especially with Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017, Greenery. This new color, jokingly labeled to be "Kermit the Frog Green" captures one of the many hues that can be found in the ever growing succulent trend. This year, both our Creative Director, Jen Long and our Sizzix Licensed Designer, Lynda Kanase, have each created collections that beautifully brings this trend to life in our makes. We know flowers are a staple to Valentine's Day, but this year, succulents hold the key to our hearts.

4: Mini

Photo Credit: Lindsey Serata

We know you've noticed this strange new thing taking over Instagram and Facebook. Videos of mini... well, anything have been popping up, from mini cooking tutorials with tacos that are perfectly sized for a Barbie doll, to even seeing phones now getting the more cute, smaller models because, lets face it; mini is in. This year, Sizzix Licensed Designer, Lindsey Serata is taking the mini trend to a whole new level with her new Mini Celebrations collection, available right now at your local craft store. These new dies, stamps and paper pad, boldly embraces the mini trend while offering year round ability to make and create for any party, celebration or event.

5. 3-Dimensional 

Photo Credit: Diana Hetherington

Interactive and dimensional crafting is something we love doing. It challenges us somewhat creatively, trying to find the right materials to use to give our makes the desired look we want, in home decor makes, cards, and even in our planners. 3-Dimensional elements allow makes to move away from the traditional framed pieces and evolve towards makes that are inviting interaction. Our 3-D Texture Fades  take our deepest and boldest embossing experiences to a whole new dimension in detail, giving this trend a brand new pop of awesomeness.

Have you used any of these trends in your projects? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing about your makes and creations. You can even show off your makes on social media, just be sure to hashtag #sizzix when you share your projects on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that we can see them and reshare!

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2 thoughts on “Are These 5 Valentine's Day Trends On Your List?”

  • Debbie Kaste

    I LOVE seeing new projects and ideas for how to get better uses of my collection (and wish list) of Sizzix dies. Thank you for all the inspiration from the amazing design team and designers. Would be tickled pink to someday visit the Sizzix factory and actually see the process of how the dies are made. Ah yes...a girl can dream, right?!

  • Linda K

    Wow, love the 3-D texture fades embossing folders.

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