7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking DayHappy National Scrapbooking Day, everyone!

As you may know, the first Saturday of May marks a day when scrapbook lovers everywhere celebrate their favorite form of memory keeping. It’s a time to show off your most beloved layouts, glean inspiration from others, share tips and techniques, and have a great time creating even more memories.

To join in on the fun, we're rounding up a few of the amazing scrapbooking projects that have been featured on the Sizzix blog by some of our favorite creative people! Below you'll find images of seven finished scrapbook pages (because National Scrapbooking Day falls on May 7th this year) and a brief description of each piece. And because we love you, we've included links to the original blog posts for all the how-to info you need. And because we really, really love you, we'll also remind you of our Scrapbook Day Sale going on all day Saturday, May 7th. Enjoy savings of 25% sitewide, no coupon code required!

Now, get ready for some major scrapbooking inspiration ahead!

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking DaySince scrapbooking is all about putting your wonderful memories on display, it only makes sense to start our lineup with Mou Saha's page titled Showcase Your Sweet Memories! Using Brenda Walton's Mini Correspondence die, Mou focuses on adding cute little embellishments to add an extra bit of fun to her layout.

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking DayThis sweet page comes with a major 'aww' factor! A Love Story  by Jan Hobbins beautifully displays the love between her grandparents, as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We think it's the perfect way to illustrate the love-filled and inspiring journey these two have shared together!

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking DaySpeaking of sharing a journey together, we absolutely adore this heartwarming Grow Together layout by Leica Forrest that showcases the lasting bond between siblings. This look is fun and sweet and can be used to celebrate just about any close relationship that has grown and flourished over the years.

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day
Jamie Pate used designs from her new eclips2 collection called Hello to make this pocket scrapbook page. We love the springtime feel here, but our favorite aspect is how she mixes and matches different photos and designs to set each element apart, while still keeping the overall theme intact.

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day
Just because we're talking about scrapbooking and crafting doesn't mean everything has to be elegant, pretty and sweet. You can have just as much fun with grunge and a little bit of edge, and this Steampunk layout by Michelle Stewart illustrates that perfectly. The weathered, rugged look adds a major cool factor to this page and we just can't get enough of it!

7 Must-See Layouts to Celebrate National Scrapbooking DayHere's another cool and edgy layout. Anna-Karin's Crackled Frameworks uses some incredibly creative techniques to achieve this 3-dimensional, texture-heavy look. The final piece manages to have both antique and modern touches throughout that really set it apart.

03Bringing it back to all things pretty and charming, we love the So Loved layout by Aida Haron. For this project, Aida wanted the look to be sweet and light to celebrate her pet cat, Meme. She achieved it perfectly with the use of lively yellows, pretty pinks and embellishments like buttons and butterflies.

If you're feeling inspired, be sure to scroll through the rest of our Scrapbooking posts for even more fun. We'd love to know: How are you celebrating National Scrapbook Day?

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