9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart
Hello MIYers! This is Dai with the Sizzix blog team! Valentine’s Day is here again and logically everyone here on the blog team is extremely excited. We have scoured the internet and our project index to come up with a roundup of what we’re currently hearting (and we hope you’ll want to heart too.)

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

1- Heart Quilt 

Quilters -and blanket hoarders everywhere- get ready to make and enjoy this quilt for days to come.

I‘ll take 5 please.

What makes this quilt so great is the diversity it offers. Hang it as a gorgeous wall tapestry, use it as a cozy couch throw or even as Valentine inspired décor on your bed. Also, bonus- you will not believe how easy this quilt is to make! Check out Amanda’s blog, Jedi Craft Girl, to see the simplicity with your own eyes.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

2- #throwback Cupid Arrows

It may not be Thursday, but I feel as if I am throwing back to my childhood with these adorable cupid inspired felt and twig arrows. These are the perfect outside the box Valentine alternatives to create with your little one for school or home. They can easily be customized with a sweet message and a little treat to classmates using some twine. But that's not all; you can also enjoy these around the house as decor in a vase or hung on the walls. Check out Carolyn’s tutorial on her blog, HomeWork, to walk through the simple steps.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

3- Easy Sizzix DIY Valentines

If felt and twig arrows aren't your thing, check out our simple, but adorable, treat Valentines, on the blog! This is another great example of kid friendly - and unique - Valentine cards. Check out our video tutorial here to get started on your card.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

4- Easy Treats Box

I absolutely love chocolates, cookies and fun sized candies of all shapes and sizes. I don't love, however, having to buy treat bags or boxes because of how blah they tend to be. On top of being not much to look at, treat boxes can get pricey quick. I may be biased towards cute paper DIYs, but I'm constantly thinking "I can make that!" The good news is that we have a wonderful tutorial on a treat box that is easy and incredibly fun. Check it out on our blog here.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

5- Heart Pouch

Not everything is all chocolates and games; sometimes you want to treat yourself or your Valentine with a cute gift. I bring you what I like to call the "on point" heart pouch. This pouch makes a great makeup bag, pencil bag, or even a thinlits bag. This is a perfect non-fattening Valentines Day gift for the kiddos to share with their classroom, their teacher or even their secret admirer! Check out the delightful tutorial over at Modern Handcraft to make (or covet) yours.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

6- The Heart Card

No Valentines roundup would be complete without a heart card. This DIY heart card just happens to be our favorite. Made with our Scribbles and Splat thinlits 4-pack, this versatile pack allows the card to be embossed, cut or stenciled. That is 3 different designs with one little pack! Check out how Gerry Van Gent utilized his in this tutorial.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

7- Heart Appliqué Pillow

Throw pillows are my most favored decor tool to use. They easily bring light into a space, provide cushion, or are just plain cute. Take a look at this easy to make appliqué pillow from Modern Handcraft to make this fashionable cushion.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

8- Envelopes Re imagined

Our friend Monika has a blog called Life With Lovebugs that is all kinds of cute. A little DIY light-bulb went off in her head one day in the form of these easy Valentine card envelopes. You can make them ahead of time, have the kiddos decorate them and then fill with a note and some candy. And just like that, boom! Done.

9 Valentine's Day MIYs We Heart

9- Valentine Party Decor

Michelle over at Michelle's Party Plan It blog should have a degree in cute parties because she is killing it with this DIY. From garlands to cookie sleeves Michelle has got you covered. Glam up your party by following her tips here.

Now it's your turn! What was your favorite project? Have you had any light-bulb moments? Tell us in the comments below so we can covet you too!

Till next time!



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