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Available Now at Retailers: Planner Pages And More Collection

Available Now at Retailers
We are big fans of planners here at Sizzix. We love starting out our days, weeks and months having a clear idea of what's ahead of us and a thought-out guide to lead us through it all. And while we've had our fair share of experiences with digital planning, there's nothing quite like the handmade touch traditional planners provide. They allows us a break from staring at our computer and cell phone screens, give us the ability to add art and creativity to our days -- and as a bonus -- they act as journals and allow us to document our memories throughout the year! There's no wonder planners were included in our Top 11 Creative Trends list for this year -- and we imagine they'll be one of our favorite creative things to do for years to come.

So to say we’re excited about the brand new release of our Planner Pages & More collection is putting it lightly. Seriously, we want to shout it from the rooftops! And we are so very ready for the productivity boost that’s sure to come as we jazz up our planners and map out our days with all the inspirational and practical stamps and dies in this line.

The last time we got to make with the collection was at last month’s SNAP! Conference, where we created mini planner books with the bloggers in attendance and got to see the Product Designer -- our very own Katelyn Lizardi -- in action as she introduced her collection to all the participants.

Now, we’re so excited to make again with all those doodle-inspired designs that fit in so perfectly with the handwritten feel of planners and calendars. And with messages that are literal reminders to get things done and make the most of our day, we know we’ll always be motivated to get through that to-do list -- no matter what we have to tackle!

Whet your appetite with the video above, courtesy of our craft designer, Janette Daneshmand. She gave an overview of the projects she worked on for CHA '16, including the planner line. You can skip to the 2:47 mark to see what she had to say about the new collection.

Next, take a look at the following planners that were filled out using the Sizzix Framelits Get it Done and Make Today Count die and stamps sets. With a total of 19 pieces to play around with between the two sets, the planning possibilities are endless!

coming soon planner pagesThese sample pages are a good example of how detailed or to-the-point you can be with your planner. In fact, that's one of the main thoughts Katelyn had in mind when designing this collection.

"I understand that it's hard to set aside time for art making but I believe it's such an important part of our lives to have a creative outlet" she explained recently, adding, "I really wanted to make something people can use on a whim to spice up their daily journaling and planning. But there is still plenty of room for customization so you can spend hours decorating if you like!"

So whether you decide to fill your planner to the brim or just put in the basics, it's your call and you can do with it what you want. These stamps and dies are just there to make the process easier, more effective and way, way prettier!

And because you know we like to offer as many project ideas as we can, how about making some cards like the ones below using these amazing sets?

coming soon planner pagesHow fun are these planner-inspired cards?! We love how you can create a card that celebrates a special occasion, like the Best Day card on the left -- perfect for birthdays or holidays - or one that just gives the recipient that extra boost they may need, like the  Make Today Count card on the right.

Adding to this, Katelyn says the inspirational sentiments are her personal favorite aspect about the line.

"When I decorate, I love sprinkling cheerful sentiments on my layout. That's all it takes to make my day look so much better!"

We can definitely get on board with that!

So if you're ready to get your days organized, check your local retailers today for the complete line. And be sure to let us know: What are your planning to make with the Planner Pages & More collection?

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