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Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

We’ve been anxiously waiting since CHAW 2016 for Tim Holtz’s new dies, and now, they’re finally available on Sizzix.com. After seeing these awesome dies in action at CHAW 2016, we are beyond excited to see them in action with all of the awesome and amazing makes waiting to be created. From Mini Bird Crazy and their Crazy Things, to Crazy Cats, new Thinlits and Texture Fades, and of course some awesome new Bigz dies, this collection is only the beginning of fantasticalness coming from Tim Holtz this year. We can't wait to show you all the new dies and inspiration from his latest release!

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

Makers, be warned. It's about to get crazy. Not crazy like the last time we went craft crazy with Tim Holtz's Bird Crazy, but even crazier with his new Mini Bird Crazy & Things framelits collection, which also has matching stamps from Stamper's Anonymous. They're mini, they're crazy, and they're feathers down perfect. These little guys compliment the original Bird Crazy framelits and stamps, enabling your bigs and littles to face each other on your makes. But these crazy birds aren't alone in their insanity- Tim also added some Crazy Cats framelits and matching stamps to the mix. We can't even begin to articulate how much we love these funny felines and their hilarious facial expressions. We cannot wait for all of the laughter to come with both making and giving our makes with these new collections of crazy!

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

We love planning at Sizzix, from events, to what we're crafting in the privacy of our own homes. But what we love the most, is being able to add our own personal touch and crafting flair to our calendars and planners. Nothing gets us more excited than being able to see an upcoming meeting or event with fun fonts and adorable embellishments. Tim Holtz is making our planner and calendar crafting dreams even more amazing. With Daily Word Block and Daily Word Script Thinlits, along with Calendar Words Block and Calendar Word Script Thinlits, we can add that perfect Tim touch to our planners and makes- can you imagine the invitations we can create with these awesome new dies?

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

Before we jump into the new dies that Tim used in these fantastic Valentine's Day Monsters, can we just take a moment to squeal in delight over the projects themselves? We LOVE these monster makes SO much! (And who would have thought to use these awesome Halloween dies for Valentine's Day? So cool!) But we have to talk about the intricate doilies behind those epic monster faces- we may love both the Doily and Doily #2 thinlits as much as we love Tim's makes! These were so much fun to see Tim talk about and die cut using his Vagabond 2 machine at CHAW 2016- these doily dies are absolutely gorgeous!

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

We were blown away when we saw these makes by Aida Haron. She beautifully used Tim's Mixed Media #2 die to create the most inspiring Live and Dream make, creating gorgeous texture with several different mediums. Using the Ornate Frame #2, Aida captured our hearts with her Adore Valentine Canvas, flawlessly choosing beautiful colors and embellishments. Her mixed media makes for CHAW 2016 are still our favorites to see and be inspired by. We can't get over her beautiful use of the Pinwheel Texture Fade embossing folder, creating a metallic, 3D effect to her project. Her addition of using the Alphanumeric Marquee thinlits perfectly defined her make: Art. But our most favorite was Aida's use of the Crosshatch frameworks die. We love her vintage texture that perfectly accents her make as a whole. SO beautiful!

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

We're pretty much obsessed with these two makes by Audrey Pettit. She skillfully used the Mosaic bigz die to make the cutest windows for the "big" Bird Crazy birds, creating the most adorable Valentine's make with our favorite feathered friends. We love how she used the Stitched Oval thinlit in her shabby floral Just Because card, creating a beautiful, vintage make for any time of year!

Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection

We are constantly wowed by the two leading ladies of Tim's team; Paula Cheney and Richele Christensen. These two talented and amazing women continuously make the most inspiring makes and projects, flawlessly teaching us how to do new and different techniques on their respective blogs and classes they teach. We loved the project Richele made for the Ranger Designer Challenge using the Detailed Butterflies. The textures, the layers, and the beautiful blend of colors made us want to start crafting for spring right then and there. We fell in love just as hard with Paula's Love With All Your Heart make. Paula fantastically blended a variety of materials to highlight the Wildflower die cuts. We were almost wistful to go on a walk near a lake or pasture during sunset. Words cannot articulate the awe we have for these makes.

We are beyond excited to see all of the amazing and awesome makes you all create with this new collection from Tim Holtz! What dies are you going to be making with first?

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6 thoughts on “Available Now At Sizzix.com: Tim Holtz's Newest Collection”

  • Jeanne Smoker
    Jeanne Smoker Mar 22, 2016 at 06:50 am

    These are really great!! I love all the different emotions and feelings he brings out and puts on paper!! Amazing!

  • Yvette

    I'm furious Tim, I have the Crazy Cats sets and I haven't had time to try them out. I love all that you do and represent. I'm trying to have everything from your lines. I love the Distress Minis and use them all the time.
    Thanks for supplying all the fun for me.

  • Laurie Peabody
    Laurie Peabody Mar 22, 2016 at 08:46 am

    I can"t wait for the Crazy Cats!

  • Rose Isch

    I have used the stitched ovals and scalloped edge in several classes that I have attended. Can't wait to get my own set! We created an Easter multi-media canvas in one class with the Crazy birds with the bunny ears and the ovals for Easter eggs. Fun, Fun!!

  • Kathy Burgess
    Kathy Burgess Mar 22, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Love Aida's mixed media projects!!!

  • Sheila Styre-Briere
    Sheila Styre-Briere Mar 22, 2016 at 04:36 pm

    Been having so much fun with the "big" birds, can't wait for the little ones to play with too!

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