Available Now on Sizzix.com: New Quilting Dies!


Makers, the time has come. It's time to pull out your Big Shot, Big Shot Plus or Big Shot Pro, your fabric and some of these new dies from our amazing Sizzix Quilting Licensed Designers! We have SEW much to share with you all today about these new dies, which are finally available on Sizzix.com right now!  Are you ready? Lets dive right in!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts

Think triangles. Think trees. Think diamonds, and definitely think points. All of these geometric shapes are perfectly captured in Victoria Findlay Wolfe's new collection and we are sew excited to start making with them!

  • The Varied Triangle die gives you three shapes to play with in one die, opening up a world of different variations for pattern and color play!
  • Totally Trees is going to be an awesome addition to your fabric arts die collection, especially for those upcoming winter quilt makes!
  • With the Diamond Point die, you can add depth and a unique twist to your quilt makes with only a few varied shapes!

Kid Giddy

Play time with your kids is about to get way more fun, especially if they love playing with dolls and sewing! We are so excited to share Kid Giddy's new collection of three new dies, specifically created to make clothing for 18" dolls.

Jorli Perine

Applique to your makes this winter are getting a gorgeous look to them with these new dies this year! These dies give you the ability to create your favorite traditional piecing, geometric and appliqué designs with breakthrough speed, ease and precision. Lets take a closer look at what Jorli is giving us for 2017.

  • Give your makes a cute little Snowman embellishment, perfect for the winter season!
  • This traditional Angel is perfect for heralding in the Christmas celebrations (and makes).
  • Adding some snow to your fabric this year with a new Snowflake shape is sure to bring a festive feeling!

Sew Sweetness

Did you hear the news? We have a brand new Sizzix Licensed Designer: Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! We are beyond thrilled to welcome her to our Sizzix Family this year and have so much (sew much?) to share with you about Sara's new collection with us!

  • The Purse Tabs die gives you two different sizes and styles of tabs for your purses or handbags.
  • With the Coin Purse die, you can easily create either a small, or large sized coin purse!
  • You're going to LOVE the Box Pouch die! We can't wait to see the different variations of this bag.

Jennifer Jangles

Are you ready to make a splash with some swashbuckling pirates, magical mermaids and happy pincushion softies this spring? If you said yes, then you're going to LOVE Jennifer Jangles new dies!

  • Dive into making with Jennifer's Mermaid die, which is not only super cute, but super easy to sew!
  • The Pirate & Ballerina dolls die give you two different doll makes in ONE die!
  • The Happy Camper Pincushion die definitely makes us happy- look how adorable it is!

Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Rhombus w/ Triangle Rhombus w/ Triangle

We're super excited to share this new die with you from Missouri Star Quilt Co! The Rhombus die will change how you see quilts forever, allowing you to create geometric optical illusions with two shapes on one die! Are you ready to see how limitless this new die is?

  • With both a triangle AND a rhombus shape on the same die, you can easily create a ton of unique fabric arts makes with MSQC's Rhombus w/ Triangle die! Whether you're a beginner, or someone who's more advanced and ready to take on the infamous Y seam, this die is a must have to your die collection!

Rosebud's Cottage

We love sewing on the go, and Rosebud's Cottage made that incredibly easy for us with her gorgeous Wool Appliqué dies! Garden party brings in everything Spring. Fall Festival had a number of seasonal foliage and shapes you will love, and Holiday Greetings has all the iconic shapes that will help you build lovely designs for your wool appliqué. Lets check this new collection out!

  • From flower pots to watering cans and picket fences, all your springtime shapes can be found in the Garden Party die!
  • Perfect for using on your Penny Rug die, the Fall Festival die includes all the traditional fall shapes for your hand sewn makes in the coming cooler months!
  • Rosebud's Cottages new Holiday Greetings die is the best addition to the Stocking die, with gorgeous winter shapes for capturing the holiday season!

Stephanie Ackerman

What if you could showcase heartfelt phrases or sentiments with a calligraphy look and feel to it on your fabric makes? With Stephanie Ackerman's new collection, you can do just that, with three new phrases! Lets check these new dies out!

  • With the Create Phrase, you can not only create a motivational make, but you can also make your fabric arts creation (an appliqué pillow, perhaps?) serve as a reminder to CREATE!
  • The Faith Phrase is a wonderful sentiment to give as a gift or to showcase what's important in your life.
  • Everyone needs the Love Phrase. We love it, and we believe that there is ALWAYS a reason to have a love sentiment for our makes!

We can't wait to see what you all make with these new dies! If you aren't already, make sure you're following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat for more inspiration and DIY's! Be sure to hashtag #sizzix when you share your projects on social media so we can see your makes and reshare!

What new dies are you most excited to start creating with?

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