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Available Now on Sizzix.com: Our New Coloring Books!


We caught our first glimpse of what was to come with our new coloring books at CHAW 2016, our booth surrounded by huge wall panels with designs from Hipster Doodles, Imaginasia, Artfully Edgy, Bohemian Spirit, Fox Tales, and Take a Moment to Breathe. We were blown away by the spunk and awesomeness that came with these walls, eager to grab some crayons and start coloring to our heart's content! After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that our new collection of coloring books are finally available on Sizzix.com
What really stands out to us about our new collection of Coloring Books are the amazing hand drawn designs, the multiple pages (in case we mess up) and the thickness of the paper that allows us to use any coloring medium we can think to use. Unlike some coloring books out there, what makes this new collection REALLY cool are the perforated edges, enabling the page to be easily pulled from the book and then crafted with to give our makes a hand touched or hand colored element! Are you all ready to explore the epic coloring adventures that await you? Grab your crayons and colored pencils! It's time to make!

When our Creative Director, Jen Long, created Artfully Edgy, she wanted to give makers a way to personalize their DIY projects with a hand colored element. With geometric shapes continuing to grow as a trend this year, she wanted to incorporate those elements she was seeing into her hand drawn patterns and designs. We asked Jen what was most important to her when creating this coloring book, "It was important to me to create a coloring book that was unisex, that would appeal to both men and women to color and craft with."

Untitled design (9)

Never before have we had a coloring book tie directly into a die and stamp collection. Jen Long's Fox Tales coloring book does just that- in a seamless, perfect way! These charming hand-drawn designs featuring feathers, acorns, owls, botanical designs and foxes will have you incorporating natural elements into your next make. Jen ensured that her new Fox Tales line was a complete set, with dies, stamps, a paper pad and coloring book. If you already have the adorable woodland collection, you'll need to add these gorgeous designs to ensure your makes reach their full Foxy capacity.

Product Designer Lindsey Serata created the beautifully designed pages of Bohemian Spirit  using intricate and bold patterns, creating a unique twist to the mandala shape. This coloring book's designs, though intricate, lend themselves to an almost free-flowing movement, perfect for creating mandala dream catchers, cards, and boxes. Lindsey described her coloring book to us as, "The perfect coloring book for the gypsy soul." We couldn't agree more!

Hipster Doodles are the doodles that you won't be able to keep from giggling at while coloring in! For the child in every adult, Lindsey Serata's playful, animation inspired coloring book is filled with adorable animals wearing glasses, fun and trendy sentiments, parisian inspired elements, mermaids and so much more! Creating humorous pieces of art to give to friends, or even making a card for your girlfriend or loved one with a playful look and feel to it will be the highlight of making with this coloring book.

Bring your imagination into a playful coloring world with Product Designer, Katelyn Lizardi's Imaginasia coloring book! Katelyn was inspired to create this coloring book using the traditional elements of Origami and adding her own whimsical touch, while maintaining a gorgeous pattern base throughout her hand drawn designs. With designs that highlight the trends we love, such as paper lanterns, koi fish, and ocean waves, this coloring book beautifully captures elements found both in nature and in Asia.

Katelyn Lizardi's Take a Moment to Breathe is a coloring book all about you, designed, as Katelyn told us, to be therapeutic and calming. We asked her what she found most soothing about her book, and she told us, "I feel very relaxed in nature, and I made sure to incorporate as much natural and organic elements into my designs as possible." But Katelyn didn't just add elements of nature to this coloring book. She also added a fantastic drawing that will speak to all coffee or tea lovers! Taking a moment to breathe is something we all could do more of, and sitting down to color with Katelyn's coloring book would be the perfect way to accomplish that!

Are you ready to start coloring in these awesome books? We are too! We can't wait to see all of your makes and coloring pages in the weeks to come! Be sure to hashtag #sizzix if you share your new makes and projects on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram!

Which coloring book are you most excited to start coloring in and making with?

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6 thoughts on “Available Now on Sizzix.com: Our New Coloring Books!”

  • Mary Anne Perlmutter
    Mary Anne Perlmutter Jun 02, 2016 at 06:14 am

    I like all of the coloring books. My favorite is Take a Moment To Breath. I have a love of flowers in the garden due to my dad and the endless hours he spent in our yard.

  • Anne V

    love the idea of the perforated edges. My favorite book right off the bat is Katelyn Lizardi's Imaginasia, although all the books are appealing, as well.

  • Kathy Moldrem
    Kathy Moldrem Jun 02, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    I like them all! But to narrow it down, I'd have to say Hipsters Doodles, Fox Tales or Take a moment to Breathe, lol!

  • Diane Quinlan
    Diane Quinlan Jun 02, 2016 at 08:36 pm

    I love the Bohemian coloring book. I have a couple of books and color every night after dinner. I am a card maker and was thinking about ripping the pages out, cutting them up and using them with my cards.....but am not sure the paper would be good for any kind of medium.
    Thanks for making these books.....can't wait to get one!

  • Jeanne

    I'd like to try Artfully Edgy or Take a Moment to Breathe.

  • Maggie Jones

    I am a huge Jen Long fan. Without seeing the book and based on her previous work for Sizzix she's my pick.

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