Available Now Your Local Craft Store: New Sizzix Bigz Dies

Available Now Your Local Craft Store: New Sizzix Bigz Dies

Bigz are better than ever! Our newest selection of 2-D and 3-D designs offer popular home décor and party themes to cut everything from cardstock to fabric. From a beautiful Barrel Cactus and trending Emojis to a charming Llama and DIY Washi Tape Box, this collection is a Bigz deal!

With our latest Bigz collection, you can rest assured that these fun dies will help you make, make, make! Our Barrel Cactus Bigz gives you all the vibes of a cactus without any of the maintenance or spikes. Added bonus: these can be made out of just about anything! From Felt to paper, you'll love making these for your home or to give as a gift!

There's no denying how big of a trend emojis are in our world. From coasters to pinata boxes, we have used our Bigz Emoji die to create just about anything. Because of the versatility of our Bigz dies, these adorable makes can be party favors or even gifts for all the young makers in your life.

Como se Llama?  Our Llama Bigz has caused quite a stir here at Sizzix because of its sheer cuteness and versatility! We don't think it's a coincidence that we've seen Llamas EVERYWHERE lately because they're such a fun theme to plan parties around.  We've created banners and adorable cards with our Llama die and we can't wait to see all the makes you create too!

Last but not least is our Washi Tape Box Bigz die. Can we get a "heck yeah!" It's so exciting to have a die for creating a space to hold all our prized washi tapes. It's organization #goals all the way. If you know Sizzix you know that we're not just going to make a die and not use it for several makes....not only have we created this adorable washi tape box, we've also used the very same die to house the cookie that instagram made famous- Macarons! And let us tell you...it's absolutely perfect for gift-giving.

Which of these dies are you most excited to get your hands on? If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for sneak peeks, tutorials, pictures and more of these awesome new dies! Don't forget to hashtag and #sizzix if you share your makes and projects on social media so we can see and reshare. 

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