Celebrate Spring With These Beautiful Boho Flower Favor Boxes


Hi there, it's Laura from Make Life Lovely.  I can't wait to share some beautiful flower boxes with you that I made for our boho party.  The flowers looked so gorgeous on top of gold boxes on the party table!

It's been so nice and warm here in California this past week that I wanted to do something outside in nature with the kids.

Bohemian party ideas

I set up a pretty bohemian party with lots of pinks and yellows, as well as some rustic woodland touches.

I used David Tutera's new Bouquet & Boutonniere DIY Kits to make the flowers to top the gold favor boxes.  The flowers were so much fun to make, and were so easy since everything is already cut in the kit.  You just have to punch out the pieces from the pages and put them together.  You don't even need a die cut machine to make these!

First, select the flowers that you would like to make.  I'll walk you through how I made one.

On the instructions that come in the package it will show you exactly how many pieces you need for each flower and what the pieces look like.

Flowers 1 (1)

Each piece is perforated, so carefully pull out each piece and set aside.

Flowers 2 (1)

I used a low temp glue gun to glue the sides of each petal to the middle part to give the petals a curved look.

Flowers 3

Then I rolled up the center portion of the flower along the end of a wood dowel.  I curved the outside of the round pieces, also for the centers.

Flowers 4

I glued the long piece that I rolled up so that it stayed together, then pulled out the edges a bit so they opened up.

Flowers 5

Now all the pieces were ready to assemble!  I hot glued all the pieces together, then had a beautiful flower ready for my treat box.


I wrapped pink satin ribbon around my gold box, then glued a flower to the top of each one.

Bohemian party ideas

I think they look so pretty and I'm so pleased with how they turned out!  If you'd like to see the rest of our boho party, be sure to check it out here.

I'll give you a little sneak peek...

Girls boho party with teepee, flowers, and woodland details

Bohemeian teepee with flowers at boho party

Boho sugar cookies bohemian tepee

Happy spring!

XO, Laura

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