Botanical inspired tablescape! - Guest blog by 'Birds Party'

Hi, this is Cristina Riches from Bird's Party, and today I'll be sharing with you a few pretty ideas and decorations for a botanical-themed tablescape! 

This theme is ideal for so many occasions you may be hosting this season, like a wedding, bridal shower or a special birthday or dinner party!

My entire inspiration came from the gorgeous insect die cuts from Chapter 3, and I thought they'd be perfect for a botanical inspired table decor!

I created five easy DIY projects for this tablescape, so you can have a few ideas on how to use these insect die cuts. Feel free to re-create them all, or pick your favorite project for your next party!


Sizzix Supplies:

* Sizzix® Big Shot™ Machine (#660425)

* Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 5PK – Insects (# 663423)

* Sizzix Embossing Powders 3PK (#663057)

* Sizzix Ink Pad & Acrylic Block (#663006)

* Sizzix Embossing Ink Pad (Clear) (#663012)

* Sizzix Adhesive Sheets - 6" x 6", Permanent, 10 Sheets (#656802)

* Sizzix Thinlits Plus Die Set 5PK - Box, Pillow (#658268)

* Sizzix Cardstock Sheets 80PK – Mint Green, Moss Green and Dark Green (#663007)

* Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 18PK - Jungle Shadow Box (#66359)


Glass Cloche Table Centrepiece 


Extra craft supplies used for Cloche:

* Cardstock in metallic gold

* Thick gold wire

* Wire cutters and pliers

* Glass cloche with base

* Hot Glue

* Green moss


How To Make:

1) Die cut insects out of gold cardstock.

2) Cut a 3 gold wire pieces of different lengths to fit inside your cloche, then use a pair of pliers to twist the ends a couple of times into a flat loop, then hot glue the loops onto the cloche base.

3) Hot glue gold insects to the top of the wires.

4) Add green moss to the base of the cloche to hide the hot glue and you're done!


Botanical Menu Cards


Extra craft supplies used for Botanical Menu Cards: 

* A4 Vellum paper

* Embossing heat gun

* Double-sided sticky tape

* Cardstock in metallic gold

* Gold ribbon

* White foam sheet


How To Make:

1) Cut a 15 x 20 cm piece of moss green card. Cut a 11 x 20 cm piece of mint green card. Using double-sided tape, glue the mint green card onto the center of the moss green card. Glue your printed menu sheet to the center of the cards. (My menu sheet was 7 x 20 cm, made using a word processing software).

2) Cut a piece of vellum to fit on the front of your menu card, adding about 1 inch extra so you can adhere the vellum to the back of the card.

3) Add an adhesive sheet to a 6” x 6” piece of white foam.

4) Die cut the insect shapes out of the foam.

5)  Peel off the adhesive back on the die cuts and glue the shapes onto acrylic blocks to create your insect stamps. You can use the front and back of the acrylic blocks to make the insect stamps.

6) Using the clear embossing ink pad, stamp the insects onto the vellum of the menu cards.

7) Add gold embossing powder on top, shake off excess and clean edges with a  small soft paintbrush if needed. Then use your heat gun to heat emboss it.

8) Glue vellum sheet onto the back of the menu cards. Tie or glue a piece of gold ribbon on the left of the menu cards.


Insects Napkin Rings


Extra craft supplies used for Insects Napkin Rings: 

* Cardstock in metallic gold

* Wooden napkin rings

* Hot glue

* Acrylic black paint + foam brush


How To Make: 

1) Paint each napkin ring with black acrylic paint. Let it dry.

2) Die cut insect shapes out of gold cardstock. 

3) Hot glue a gold insect on the center of the napkin ring. Shape the wings of the gold insects.


Insects Straw Decorations


Extra craft supplies used for Insects Straw Decorations

* Black straws

* Hot glue

* Cardstock in metallic gold


How To Make:

1) Die cut insect shapes out of gold cardstock.

2) Hot glue a gold insect to the straw, then shape the wings of the gold insects.


Botanical Party Favors


Extra craft supplies used for Botanical Party Favors

* Cardstock in metallic gold

* Hot glue

* Dark green and black ink pads

* 3-D foam adhesive pads

* Black Ribbon


How To Make:

1) Die cut a pillow box out of mint green cardstock.

2) Using the insect stamps made for the menu cards, stamp the box using green and black ink. Let it dry. 

3) Die cut a circle out of dark green cardstock. 

4) Die cut insects our of gold cardstock, then glue it the front of your circle using 3-D foam pads. 

5) Shape the box, fill it with whatever you like, then close the box with a dab of hot glue.

6) Hot glue a piece of black ribbon to the center of the pillow box.

7) Glue the round insect circles to the front of the pillow boxes using hot glue.


I hope you enjoy these botanical tablescape ideas and feel inspired to re-create them for your next party!

Visit me at Bird's Party blog for more creative party ideas and fun crafts!

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