Make This DIY Bunny Cardigan Sweater Just In Time For Easter!

Make This DIY Bunny Cardigan Sweater Just In Time For Easter!

Since Easter is so early this year, it will still be cool. The kiddos will need a sweater. Good thing I have my Big Shot handy! A decorated sweater can transform a simple outfit into a show stopper. Did I mention it is easy, too?

First, buy a yellow sweater that will fit your child.

Next, you will need a 6” square of felted wool, felt or polar fleece, pink embroidery floss to match the Bunny and gray to stitch on the face. I used Sizzix die-cut Bunny by Jorli. Simply place your pink fabric on the die-cut, place a cutting pad on the top and the bottom of the die creating a Sizzix sandwich. Place this Sizzix sandwich into your Big Shot machine and a few quick turns of the handle and the Bunny is completely cut-out.

I like to use a pattern for stitching the eyes, nose and whiskers. Use a piece of paper and a pencil and draw the face. You can create your own personality for your Bunny. When satisfied with the drawing, grab some grey embroidery floss and split it into two strands. I used a French Knot for the eyes and an outline stitch for the mouth and whiskers.

Next, place the Bunny onto the sweater. Pin in place.

For more personality, I folded the ear over.

I used an applique stitch to sew the Bunny down to the sweater and you're done!

Your family and friends will think you shop at a fancy children’s boutique. Only we will know the secret...our Big Shot.

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