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Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

Hey friends, Adrianne here with you today to share a quick and fun DIY Butterfly Bracelet!  Make this sweet embossed bangle bracelet in just minutes using your favorite Vintaj DecoEmboss dies and blanks, and a blank aluminum cuff.

I love making jewelry and accessories.  It was my first creative passion when I was growing up.  In fact, I bought my first Sizzix Big Shot after learning about the Vintaj embossing and etching dies, and used it for jewelry before ever even trying it on paper!

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

I opted for a sweet butterfly motif using the Sizzix DecoEmboss Lily of the Valley die and basic metal tools.  I'll show you today how to set rivets - which is a technique you may already be familiar with if you enjoy using eyelets in your paper crafts.  You can get a detailed supply list at the bottom of this post.

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

First, emboss your Vintaj metal blank.  Create your Sizzix sandwich by placing the blank inside the DecoEmboss folder.  You can position it over whichever part of the folder's design you like best - and the great part about these dies is that just by using a different corner of the design, you can get a whole different look.  Place the DecoEmboss die between two Standard Cutting Pads (mine are mint!), place it on the Extended Multipurpose Platform on tab #1, and roll it through your Big Shot.

Gently buff the embossed surface with the Vintaj Reliefing Block, which has three different fine-grit sanding surfaces.  This will highlight the embossed design.

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

Next, align the embossed Vintaj blank where you plan to place it on the bracelet blank.  Mark a small dot where the holes will need to be punched in the aluminum cuff to line up with the holes in your embossed blank.  Then, punch 1/8 inch holes in the aluminum cuff with a screw-down hole punch.

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

Next, attach the Vintaj blank to your aluminum cuff.  I prefer TierraCast compression rivets because of how easy they are to set. Push the post of the rivet through the bottom of the bracelet, line up your holes, and snap the rivet cap onto the post on top.  You will need a steel surface to set the rivet (I use a rivet setting block, but a standard steel bench block would also work well) - just rest the flat side on the steel block, position the concave end of the rivet setting tool on the cap of the rivet, and tap the end of the rivet setting tool with your hammer until it's securely in place.  This is the exact same process used when setting eyelets in paper, you'll just need slightly more force.

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

Finally, turn your flat bracelet blank into a curved cuff using a bracelet bending bar.  Just hold one end firmly in the groove, and form one half of the curve by bending the blank around the bar.  Then, flip it around and curve the other side.

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

And with that, you can make a personal and timeless accessory in ten minutes or less, even if you're a beginner when it comes to mixed media and metal work!  Handmade jewelry makes a fun statement any time you wear it (and it's so fun to be able to say, "Thanks!  I made it myself!") and it also makes a thoughtful and personal gift idea.

Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian

Thanks for joining me today for this fast and fashionable Sizzix project!



Other Supplies Used:

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4 thoughts on “Sizzix Tutorial | Butterfly Bracelet by Adrianne Surian”

  • Celeste Goff

    Oh wow, this is just beautiful!

  • Mary

    How hard is it to bend that metal into a bracelet shape? That looks like it requires some muscles?

    • Adrianne Surian

      Hi Mary! Well, aluminum is soft, so I think it probably looks deceptive (which is part of what makes the bracelet look impressive for how little effort you actually have to put into it!) But you do have to muscle it a little, so people with arthritis or a similar condition may struggle. I shared a video on my YouTube channel recently of how to bend a bracelet using the bar, you can take a look at that here (it should start at 4:35, so you can see just the bending process, though feel free to back up to the beginning of the video if you want to learn more): https://youtu.be/nxfkjB1xXF8?t=4m35s

      Thanks for the note!

  • Brinda

    Wow I really loves!!! I might just have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. Paper Wishes & Crafty Dreams :)

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