10+ Patriotic Projects That Celebrate America

Hello Makers! We wanted to kick off today with a fun roundup of makes and projects that celebrate America. We've loved all of the projects that we've had on our Sizzix blog over the years, but these 10+ makes that we're sharing today are both timeless and perfectly patriotic, making these DIY projects fantastic for celebrating the 4th of July. Are you ready to celebrate with us today?

1) Freedom Card

We love this Freedom Card- its full of creative freedom and our nation's colors. Whether you choose to make cards for friends and family, or to send to our military members deployed overseas, card makes like this are fantastic crafts to both give and use as home decor!

2) Americana Fabric Cones


These Americana Fabric Cones are beautifully vintage, and make for wonderful party decor for flowers or treats. What makes this project timeless is the different seasons you can use this basic base shape for, be it the 4th of July, Halloween, or Christmas. This DIY is definitely one you'll want to bookmark and add to your stash of makes to create!

3) 4th of July Table Centerpiece


Are you having a party or do you just want to bring some explosive excitement to your dining room table? This 4th of July Centerpiece awesomely captures everything we love about this summer holiday- flowers, fireworks, stars and stripes!

4) Americana Home Decor


Creating with cones is such a unique experience, and this Home Decor Piece is another variation of the Americana Fabric Cone, showing how simple embellishments and Spanish moss can completely change the look, feel and use of the original make! Where would you hang this fantastic make in your home?

5) Patriotic Applique Pillow


For sewing makes, we know how important it is to have a versatile DIY that you can use multiple times, in several different ways. This Patriotic Pillow Applique is a perfect DIY to create any type of pillow for any season- though we do love that this tutorial highlights using 4th of July colors and themes.

6) Star Shakers


These Patriotic Star Shakers are just fun, both to make and to let your kids use! If you're planning to go to a parade, or just having a fun get together before the fireworks begin, adding some interactive makes to your 4th of July is a surefire way to continue the excitement of today.

7) 4th of July Treat Box


Treat boxes never go out of style, but we're sure these 4th of July Treat Boxes take the traditional treat box to the next level. Combining stars, stripes and our nation's colors (along with medallions that mimic fireworks) this treat box is a must for recreating next year!

8) Patriotic Stars & Cards


We absolutely adore this Patriotic Stars & Card make! If you're looking for a make to celebrate America in a powerfully exciting way, this DIY is it. What truly makes this craft unique is its ability to be folded flat for safe storage or even sending in the mail. Would you use this make as a card to be sent to loved ones, or as a home decor piece?

9) Stars & Stripes Candy Cups


We love the fun in the sun and BBQ's that come with celebrating the 4th of July and these Stars & Stripes Candy Cups are the perfect addition to your treat table! Not only are these bursting with patriotism, but they are perfect for anyone at your party looking for something tasty and sweet!

10) USA Party Basket


Everyone loves making a "Wow" statement at their 4th of July parties, and this sweet patriotic DIY couldn't be easier! Everyone loves a treat bag to commemorate the day, and these are so simple, you'll be able to whip these up in no time!

11) Red, White, & Blue Pinwheel Quilt


Many of us look forward to summertime all year long, enjoying the longer days, and adding fresh, fun summer vibes to our makes, homes, and quilts. We love this Pinwheel Quilt, which not only perfectly fits into 4th of July decor, but can be used all summer long, with its playful shapes and off beat pattern!

12) Patriotic 4th of July Card


We are obsessed with this super quick, super rustic America Card. This make has so many different layers and textures to it, that it would be easy to assume that it would take a lot of time to create. But this DIY is so simple, and so beautifully patriotic, that we know we're going to be using this tutorial for our card makes next 4th of July!

13) USA Banner

Everyday-Party-Magazine-USA-Banner-1 (1)

This USA Banner is seriously so simple and easy to make that all you'll need is 10 minutes and your supplies! We love the cuteness of this quick make, and how easily you can have your kids help to create it!

This combination of red, white, and blue makes is what makes this holiday so great for craft lovers! As always, show us your makes by using #sharewithsizzix on any of our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) and remember to follow us for more news and updates!

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8 thoughts on “10+ Patriotic Projects That Celebrate America”

  • Sue A.

    Wonderful projects to celebrate the 4th and all summer long!

  • C. Ulmen

    great ideas, love the whole thing!

  • Patsy P Bennett
    Patsy P Bennett Jul 04, 2016 at 08:16 am

    I wish these ideas had been posted a week or so ago so they could have been completed by July 4.. They are really outstanding but a little late to do any of them.l Thnx anyway.

  • cher bartlett
    cher bartlett Jul 04, 2016 at 09:13 am

    Too bad this wasn't up earlier so we could order products to make these. Today, July 4th, is too late, but I will be keeping this for next year!

  • Tonya

    LOVE all of these!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Sue

    We're going for a car ride to the ice cream store and hang out at home.

  • Linda Whitaker
    Linda Whitaker Jul 04, 2016 at 06:50 pm

    What beautiful projects. Everyone sure did come through for the July 4th celebration. GREAT JOB!!!!

  • Sharon Gullikson
    Sharon Gullikson Jun 26, 2018 at 08:21 am

    This is my favorite blog post EVER. I am going to save it in my email so I can use your ideas over and over in different ways. THANK YOU. So wonderful to see patriotic crafts!!!!!!!

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