CHA 2016 Megashow: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

Words cannot even begin to describe the amazingness that encompassed the last two days of CHAW 2016. We had an indoor snowball fight with the one and only Tim Holtz, we had a special celebrity guest (who we announced some very exciting news with), our founder, LaDorna Eichenberg came to visit us, and we got the best surprise ever winning an award. If camera and phone batteries lasted longer, we would have made every attempt to video the entire show. However, our batteries on our devices always seem to dwindle faster than we can keep up with. We had so much fun being able to share the awesomeness of CHAW with you all through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. But those posts only tell a little of the story that went on. We have the rest of the scoop right here for you. :) So let's get to the top 18 highlights we had for the 3rd and 4th day of CHAW! (If you missed our recap of Day 1 & 2, don't miss out!)

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

1.) Our new product wall was our pride and joy this show, complete with two huge coloring wall panels. This little section of Sizzix heaven proudly showcased all of our new products coming out this year in 2016.

2.) Our Big Shot Caddy (holding the crayons on the wall and also attached to the Big Shot on the table) is sure to be the Big Shot's new best friend. Complete with a tape dispenser places for any product accessories, the Big Shot Caddy is the perfect attachment to your Big Shot machine.

3.) We fell in love with Tim Holtz's inspired Vagabond 2, with its quiet motor and ease of use (as well as revamped platforms and an additional Thin Die Adapter) this electronic die cutting machine is a wonderful addition to Tim's releases this year!

4.) Our Texture Boutique's makeover had us excited to emboss and create embellishments for our paper crafting- its new look is fantastic!

5.) We also introduced new colors to our ever growing Cutting Pads collection, with Lilac and Coral making us swoon in delight.

6.) We were so excited to show off our Paper Leather Sheets this year, doing both demonstrations and make and takes with this versatile material, and, paired up with our Inksheets- we were making fantastic projects for those that came to our booth!

7.) The boundaries of embossing reached new heights for this year's CHAW show; our 3D Embossing Folders take your typical embossing powers and gives a deeper, bolder embossing experience adding a new level of dimension in detail to your makes and projects.

8.) Our Paper Pads and Coloring Books were all the rage this year, each containing unique designs and wonderful creativity, perfect for any make you can think of making!

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

9.) The coolest maker's tool ever was also introduced this year! (Drum roll please) The Twist and Style Tool inspired by the amazing Eileen Hull. (She was so awesome for allowing us to sneak in and video her demonstration of how this tool works- check back soon, we will have the video on this post.) This tool is so unique and so awesome, we literally cannot get enough of it! From adding a new dimension to your makes, to adding some flair to jewelry projects, this Twist and Style Tool is getting us all twisted up in excitement! (More info to come in the next few months on all of these amazing new products!)

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

10.) Tim Holtz's Sizzix booth was absolutely stunning, from the projects that were show cased using his new Sizzix dies, to the authentic and vintage look to the booth as a whole.

11.) We absolutely LOVED getting to see and spend time with Tim's Product Manager, Richele Christensen who demonstrated Tim's new Vagabond 2 as well as his new dies all 4 days of the show when Tim was demonstrating at his Ranger and Ideaology booths. (She also helped make the most epic indoor snow ball fight happen, but we'll get to that in a bit.) You are hands down awesome, Richele! Thank you SO much for helping us have an amazing show!

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

12.) While we were hoping that David Tutera would show up in a horse drawn carriage reminiscent of Cinderella, we were so excited to see and spend time with David when he came to our booth for our epic announcement. We are proud to be partnering with David Tutera, the party planning extraordinaire this year! Celebrations, events, parties- NOTHING is off limits and we cannot wait to share more details with you all soon!

13.) Our favorite part of spending time with David was getting to see him create his own Owl Fold-a-Long Card from Jen Long's newest line, Fox Tales. Jen guided David in a step by step tutorial, from die-cutting the card, to adding the perfect finishing touches- our only wish was that we could see his daughter's face when he gave her his adorable card. We are so excited about this new partnership with David, and hope you all are ready for some amazingness this year.

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

14.) Our booth would not be complete without some SIzzix Quilting sweetness. We were stunned with all of the wonderful quilts, pillows, dolls, hedgehogs and even a super awesome marionette named Ivy (made by the wonderful Kid Giddy).

15.) We fell in love all over again with Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Double Wedding Ring Pillow, and Jorlie Perine's Flip Flopping Around the Boardwalk Quilt. And of course, the amazing Linda and Kathy who were full of fun and energy the entire show.

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

16.) There isn't anything sweeter than getting to see and visit with our founder, LaDorna Eichenberg. We were thrilled to be able to show her around our booth and watch her interact with all of our licensed designers. We have so much love and respect for LaDorna and absolutely adore the chances we get to spend time with her.

CHAW 16 Spotlight: 18 Awesome Highlights of Day 3 & 4

17.) We need to give a HUGE shout out to our Sizzix team, lead by Cara Mariano. This year, we won the Best Island Booth at CHAW. Between Marty and Carlos, who made magic happen with building and constructing our booth, and Cara and Jen's teams designing and decorating the booths for the ultimate Sizzix experience, we couldn't be more thrilled than we are right now with the amazing imagination, creativity and love our company has as a whole for all things related to art and making. Sizzix love isn't just a cute hashtag we came up with for social media, it's our way of living and being, both at Sizzix and in our personal lives.

18.) It doesn't snow in Southern California, but Kathy and Linda from our quilting department came up with the most awesome fix for those snowball fights we were missing out on. Using Missouri Quilt Co's Magic Circle die, they created soft white balls and then got Tim Holtz and Richele Christensen to have a snowball fight with some of our Sizzix team members. Hilarity and fun ensued- making it one of the most memorable moments we had at CHAW this year. (We need a moment to relive that... We had a snowball fight with TIM HOLTZ!!!!! So awesome.)

We loved every second we had attending CHAW this year, and already, the ideas are flowing for CHAW 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. What were your favorite highlights from CHAW 2016?


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