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CHA 2016 Megashow: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

CHAW 16 Spotlight: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

Can we just take a moment and say, WOW. Since January 9th, our Sizzix team has been at Craft and Hobby Association's annual Craft and Hobby Show (CHA, or, if you've been following along on our Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or Periscope, you've probably seen the hashtags #chashow, or #cha2016) at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California. We have had so much fun during our time there, from being amazed by the awesome booth itself, to our huge coloring walls, to having all of our Sizzix licensed designers with us, to watching Tim Holtz give awesome demonstrations of his new products coming out this year. Since you all couldn't be there with us, we felt it was only right to give you an inside scoop of what went on the first two days.

CHAW 16 Spotlight: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

This year, our Creative Team (headed up by the one and only Cara Mariano) made magic happen with huge coloring wall panels at our Sizzix booth. We were blown away by the spunk and awesomeness that came with these walls, each of them channeling a different theme that highlighted our new collection of coloring books that are coming out this year! Customers (and Sizzix team members) absolutely loved being able to just spend time coloring- and we cannot wait to see how it looks all colored in when the show ends.

CHAW 16 Spotlight: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

There is nothing quite like having all of the Sizzix licensed designers having their own station within the Sizzix booth and getting to meet and talk (and craft!) with them all in the same few days. It was hands down, an amazing sense of awe being surrounded by so many wonderful people, who, in their own right, even outside of Sizzix, are crafting extraordinaire's.

CHAW 16 Spotlight: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

But we couldn't just tell them that we felt special being surrounded by them. We had to show them. So we gave all of our designers presents to tell them how much we appreciate and care for them- and how excited we are for 2016. There's so much in store for all of us as a Sizzix team this coming year and we cannot wait to start making crafting awesomeness happen!

CHAW 16 Spotlight: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

Our Licensed Designers, Art Department and Senior Managers here at Sizzix also went out to dinner at Cafe Tutu Tango in the wonderful Orange, California. Amid fun conversation and some much needed down time from the show, they feasted on delicious Tapas. (Love this picture!)

CHAW 16 Spotlight: The Sizzix Booth Days 1 & 2

It's always a happy and eager crowd when Tim Holtz demonstrates his products, be it Rangerink, Ideaology, or Sizzix. Tim expertly showed us the awesomeness of his new Vagabond 2, explaining how and why the adapter pads had been given a make over and that this new power house die cutter wouldn't jam when the sandwiches were too large. But our favorite was when Tim showed his new releases of dies. Getting to see his Gearhead, Dapper, and Mosaic dies in action got our creative wheels spinning like crazy!

We have had such an amazing, inspirational, and craft-filled time so far at CHA 2016. Stay tuned for our Day 3 and Day 4 recap blog coming in the next few days! There's still so much more to share with you all from our time here in Anaheim and we can't wait to tell you all about it! Have you been following us on social media? What's been your favorite post so far?

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