Christmas Eve box using Sizzix embossing powders

It’s never too early to prep for Christmas!

Christmas has to be my favourite time of the year. I love to get creative and make my gifts personal for my friends and family.

This year I have started to create Christmas eve boxes. I have decided that within my boxes I want the same theme flowing throughout. To ensure the same theme is flowing throughout I have created my own prints and with these prints I have used them to make cards, gift wrap, and gift tags. The variety of colors from our Sizzix embossing powders can really help in making this your own.

In my box I have: Rudolf food, a small gift, a Christmas card, and a mug for them warm winter hot chocolates.

Follow my instructions down below and create your very own card..

What you will need-


How to

  1. Place your chosen tree stamp on to the clear stamping block.

2. Ink up the stamp with clear ink.

3. Repeatedly the stamp in different directions.

4. Cover the card in your chosen embossed color.

5. Make sure all of the card is fully covered in embossing powder. To make sure you don't waste any embossing powder always place card underneath.

6. Begin to heat the embossing powder with the Sizzix heat tool until you see a slight change in color.


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