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Hi everyone! WOW... are we really almost half way through December already? It's so hard to believe that Christmas is literally...right around the corner. Today my project, though Christmas in theme, can be easily interchanged to whatever theme suits your fancy! Banners are all the rage....still! There's something whimsical and fun about hanging up a banner, whether it be for a birthday party, a holiday or even seasonal, they just make you smile. Below, I've done a banner using some vintage inspired fabrics, and I've included step-by-step photos to help you in making one of your own.

My banner actually has 5 pennant triangles, though only 3 are pictured so you can easily see it...below I've included pictures of the remaining triangles for you to see....

Are you ready to get started? Okay, let's go....

From Sizzix you will need the Jumbo Banners, Pro Die and a Sizzix Big Shot Pro machine.  Other supplies needed: fabric, Fabri-Tac adhesive, ribbon, fusible interfacing, sharpened wooden dowel, bias tape, bakers twine, glittered bells, ric rac and your sewing machine and iron.

This project is so great because you don't need a lot of fabric for this, if you have scraps laying around, you can make a banner. first you will cut 2 pieces for each pennant in your banner. I made 5 pennant triangles, so I cut a total of 10 triangles.

After die cutting your fabric you will want to use some fusible interfacing.  I chose to use this fabulous interfacing from Therm O Web, because it's incredibly easy to use. I'm using this because my fabric is really thin, (almost see through) and fusible interfacing is used to strengthen fabric and add extra support, it will really make your banner "hang" the way it should. So, after you've cut your fabric, now die cut 10 triangles from your interfacing.

die cutting
On the interfacing, there is a "rough" side and a smooth side, lay the "rough" side to the "wrong" side of the fabric and then following the manufacturers directions, press the iron to the fabric and the interfacing will adhere to it! Soooo easy! Do the same for all the triangles.

Next, pin right sides of fabric together and machine stitch all the way around using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, but make sure to leave a small opening at the top so you can flip them.

Once you've sewn all your triangles, snip the points, (this will help when you turn them). Next, using a pointed wooden dowel, gently insert and push out the edges, being careful not to push too don't want to push through the fabric.

When you are finished turning your triangles right side out, press them again using your iron, and press down the edges at the top, (there's no need to sew the opening shut, because you are about to hide that opening with your bias tape in the next step! LOL!

Using double fold bias tape, lay out your banner and slip it into the tape, then pin in place.

Machine stitch the bias tape to the banner and voila!! Your finished! Except for some finishing embellishing.

I used a little Fabri-Tac glue and adhered some white ric rac to the tops of each flag.

And then finished it off with some gingham ribbon bows and glittered bells tied on with bakers twine.

Your banner is complete! I hope you enjoyed my project, and I hope it inspires you to create one of your own.

die cutting supplies
other: fabric, interfacing, bias trim, embellishments as desired

Tip: If you don't have a Big Shot Pro, check your local Sizzix dealer.  Many of them offer a die cutting center in the store that features our Big Shot Pro die cutting machine as well as a selection of Pro dies.  Selection and terms will vary by store so call ahead to inquire what your local store may offer.

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