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Coming Soon: Jill MacKay's Jewelry Collection!

Coming Soon: Jill MacKay's Jewelry Collection!

Since CHAW this year, we've been anxiously waiting for Jill MacKay's new jewelry collection to launch this Spring. We have SO much admiration for her amazing work as well as her down to earth, relaxed, awesome personality. Growing up working as a cowgirl on large ranches, Jill brought her western influences into the designs she created for Sizzix, from the look and feel of the "ladies of Aspen" to the Colorado lifestyle with the wide open spaces and vast areas of majestic wilderness, not to mention those high blue skies and unending sunshine. With Jill's love of making jewelry and our die cutting capabilities, a match was made and a jewelry line was born. We are so excited to be working with Jill on this amazing new opportunity to expand our making capabilities to include jewelry, a make that is not only straightforward and easy to create, but breathtakingly beautiful like those magnificent Colorado sunsets.

We can't help but have almost a kid like reaction when watching this video, wanting so desperately to start jewelry making RIGHT NOW! We cannot get over how Jill has eliminated the need for us to cut leather by hand, bringing us the most awesome and intricate dies for us to create unique jewelry pieces that are our own fashion statement.

Coming Soon: Jill MacKay's Jewelry Collection!

Did your jaw drop seeing these jewelry makes? That's exactly what our reaction was to seeing all of these beautifully hand made jewelry pieces Jill made using our Big Shot along with her new line of dies. From layered flowers, to intricate leather designs, to embellished pendants and gorgeously etched and embossed metals, it took everything in us to not try and wear it all at once. Jill thought of EVERYTHING with this line, from Leather Strips, coming in an array of different colors, to designing Custom Findings, to perfectly complete any jewelry masterpiece with essential metal.

Coming Soon: Jill MacKay's Jewelry Collection!

Also making a grand entrance at our Sizzix booth is our brand new Big Shot Jewelry Studio! This studio includes all of the necessary accessories, along with our lovable Big Shot to get any maker on their way to becoming an expert in Sizzix jewelry! Perfectly cutting many thicknesses and materials, (including Jill's new line of leather) this studio elegantly embosses and etches intricate shapes onto metal blanks and is compatible with Sizzix dies and embossing tools up to 6 inches wide. We cannot wait for this Jewelry Studio, (which will be available in the coming months) giving us a whole new way for making, and accessorizing- not just ourselves with fancy and sparkly jewelry, but for our Big Shot as well! The Jewelry Studio comes with (besides the machine) a  NEW Movers & Shapers Shuttle, a Precision Base Plate, a pair of Standard Cutting Pads, a Platform, and a Wafer Thin Die Adapter. If you already have a Big Shot Machine, don't worry! You won't need to purchase the studio to start making some epic jewelry creations, all you'll need is the Movers & Shapers Shuttle and the Precision Base Plate. (The Multipurpose Platform is the equivalent to the Platform and Wafer Thin Die Adapter.) Jewelry making is about to be entirely transformed, and we cannot begin to articulate how ecstatic we are to see all of your makes and jewelry creations with this studio!

We are so excited for this new line that expands our jewelry making! What are you most excited for with this collection?

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