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Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

Hello there makers!

My name is Dai from the Sizzix blog team. Here at Sizzix we have an amazing team of writers that I am being constantly wowed by and this week is no different. We've been talking a lot about what influenced us when we were young and essentially what made us what we are today. It's amazing to hear what made us the creative people that we are and even more amazing that a few of the girls directly mentioned Lisa Frank. This strikes a chord for me because I started to realize that Lisa Frank also played a big role in my young life. Without Lisa Frank in my childhood, I truly don't think I would have the most amazing job I have today. I wanted to pay homage to her in this letter in hopes that she might read it. Wish me luck makers!

Dear Lisa Frank,

I'm about 10 years overdue on this letter, and unfortunately have no pretty stationary to write it on (having used it all on top secret messages in the 5th grade.)

Gosh Lisa Frank, there's a million things I'd like to say.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

I grew up in the 90's and my time as a child grew more interesting day by day. I remember staying up till 12 A.M in 1999 to await the new year, incredibly excited to see what it would bring. It's funny, but looking back now I was in such a hurry to grow up and it feels like I blinked and I'm suddenly 25. Life goes by fast and as I turn the pages of my book I can see things that really stick out to me.

Before social media, Myspace, Facebook and AIM, my biggest influencer was you.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

Image Sources: Agenda Source, Folder Source, Stationary Source

As 10 year olds my best friends and I would create clubs. I often lead these clubs where we would collect stickers and share them in our "meetings" (which would take place during school breaks). We often made things together out of lanyard or pretty paper.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

I would plan out all my club meetings in my Lisa Frank planner, although I told my mom that what I was really using it for was homework (sorry for the bold faced lie mom!)

I didn’t know this at the time, but this type of “play” taught me to be a leader and to stand for something I believed in; It taught me to be organized and responsible. These are lessons I carry with me to this day.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

Image Sources: Girl Source, Diary Source, Stickers Source

I slowly built up an arsenal of Lisa Frank items. I had journals, pencils, stickers and sticker books, my prized agenda and folders for everyday of the week.

Before there was texting, twitter and hashtags I would write notes on my coveted stationary (which was reserved for my very best friends only.) I would spend time practicing and perfecting my handwriting with my favorite jelly pens in super sparkly pink.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

My friends and I would tell each other secrets of our crushes and often do some detective work to see if the boys felt the same way. Looking back it’s beautiful to think that friendships were solidified over rainbow stationary.

Often at home I was busy collecting stickers in my sticker albums and journaling. At the time I didn't realize it, but by doing this I was really practicing my fantastic blogging skills. This alone time allowed me to find my voice and my passion for storytelling. I eventually created a LiveJournal and started my adventure in blogging. This put me on an amazing journey to my dream job at Sizzix.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

Image Sources: Journal Source, Stationary Set Source, Pencils Source

Lisa Frank, you always made me feel like given enough determination I could do anything I wanted to. I feel like I can claim that I am a graduate of the Lisa Frank University with a degree in creativity and a minor in go-getter.

Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago

My dear Lisa Frank, as you can see, there are a million things I'd like to say, but only one thing I need to say: thank you. Thank you for supporting an entire generation of young ladies like myself. It took a village to raise me, and you were part of that village. Thank you for creating a world of hope, color and inspiration that I could dive into. Thank you for creating a world that showed me I could take matters into my own hands. Thank you for giving me the rare gift of creativity and putting me on a road to my dream job. My parents got me here and encouraged me, but you opened my mind and gave me the tools to be a success.

While it's true that my agenda has turned into a full-on, adult washi-taped planner and I have a lot more pretty paper to choose from now, I will never forget where it all started.

Love for Always,

Dai – Proud achiever of dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Lisa Frank- A Letter I Should've Written 10 Years Ago”

  • Wendy Sloan

    I love everything about this letter. A few years ago I decided it was ok to keep loving the things I loved when I was young - and Lisa Frank was a big part of that. Rainbows and butterflies and unicorns - colorful, creative and strong. What's not to love. Lisa Frank is an inspiration.

  • Jennifer Priest

    This is awesome! I never was into Lisa Frank but I can appreciate her as an artist and business person. There was a video going around about her on Facebook recently that was so intriguing!

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