Die Cutting Inspiration: Fall Home Decor with eclips

Hey, everyone! Tamara here! It's been awhile it seems since I've shared a project with you all. Who's been crafting for fall? Anyone else completely shocked that NOVEMBER is here in just a few short days?

I am really into making my own home decor items and today I am going to share how you can use vinyl with your eclips machine to create a great fall decor piece like this.

To create this sign I started with a 5x12" piece of pine craft wood which you can find at most craft stores. Drill two small holes for hanging and sand the rough edges. Use a tacky cloth to wipe the wood of any sanding dust/debris.

You'll first cut the vinyl text. I chose a simple 'Happy Fall' sentiment. To help me estimate the font sizing better I used a basic shape in the eCal software to create a rectangle the same size as the wood. Using the 'King Cool' font (it's free!) I typed 'Happy Fall' and then deleted the rectangle shape before cutting.

The great thing about the eclips is you don't have to 'play' with the settings to kiss-cut the vinyl (kiss cut is cutting through the vinyl but NOT the backing). Simply set the machine to the 'vinyl' setting and change your blade to '1'. You're set!

I use my Sizzix craft knife or piercing tool (in the eclips tool kit) to weed my vinyl decal. You'll be left with your text.

To transfer your decal, use some transfer tape (masking tape will work, too). Make sure you really press on the transfer tape so it easily lifts. I just rub all edges with my eclips spatula.

Transfer your decal onto your wood piece. Be sure to have all edges pressed down so paint doesn't leak under the lettering too much. Then you paint over the vinyl. Depending on the color and brand of paint you use, you might want to do 2-3 coats. It would also look great to use 'crackle' paint for a distressed vintage look.

Once the paint is dry, peel up the vinyl letters to reveal the wood grain text! Looks cool, doesn't it? And so simple to do! Using a fine grit sand paper, sand over the text a bit and around the edges. I used a 220 grit and it worked perfectly. Once you're done sanding, use a tacky cloth to clean up any debris.

Using some jewelry wire, create a handle for hanging. It looks really great coiled in random areas. There are many different gauges of wire, pick something that will hold it's shape with the weight of the sign. I found 16 gauge to be pretty good for this.

die cutting

Next you'll create all the fun felt embellishments. You can really do it up and go all out and create a scene, I kept it simple and cute with an added a sunflower, leaves and a stuffed pumpkin. I just love using the Sizzix dies to cut felt!

TIP: When choosing a felt to work with, a nice quality wool blend felt is PERFECT! If you use the cheapie acrylic felt from most craft stores, your cuts will 'frizz', etc. It doesn't hold it's shape well at all. You can also use 100% wool felt, but it can get pricey and a simple wool blend works just as well. I but most of my felt from Etsy. There's a huge selection of colors out there.

To create the large sunflower I used the Borders, Fringe and Frolic applique die. Die cut two of the 'petal' flower. Using a needle and thread, tightly gather each set of petals and shape into a circle. Adhere them together. For the center of the sunflower I cut two scalloped circles with the Framelits dies. Yes, even those thin little dies cut felt effortlessly! The two smallest scalloped circle dies will be the perfect size. Add a button and voila! You have a sunflower! I added some natural colored burlap behind the sunflower and then adhered it to the sign.

Die cut several colors and sizes of the Birch leaves using the Framelits dies. For some of the leaves and gathered them slightly with embroidery thread to create a 'crumpled' look to them like real fallen leaves. Adhere in various areas around of your wood sign.

For the pumpkin I used 3 1/8 Framelits pumpkin die. I die cut two of them.  After die cutting I hot glued them together with some stuffing in between them to create some dimension. Add a leaf or two and a button, then adhere to the sign.

That's it! Think of all the styles you could make to create your very own home decor. Around Christmas you can make homemade gifts! Subway artwork is so popular right now and you can easily do that with vinyl lettering.

I hope I've inspired you today and you've enjoyed this tutorial! It's really fun to mix up digital die cutting and manual die cutting... especially when using mediums other than paper! Enjoy!


die cutting supplies


surface: Craft wood (5x10 piece)
vinyl: Oracle vinyl and transfer tape
fabric: felt; burlap ribbon
paint: paint and paint brush
embellishments: buttons; embroidery thread; floral wire
tools: drill; sand paper
adhesive: hot glue

Looking for more ways to use Sizzix products to create unique home decor items?  Check out the project gallery on Sizzix.com for over 300 home decor ideas!

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