Die Cutting Paper: Textured Impression Brayer Technique

There are lots of ways to use Textured Impressions but I thought I would show you one that’s just a bit unique. This process allows one to have more than a monochromatic look. For best results with this technique, select a Textured Impression that has a fairly busy design and is continuous across the entire folder.

Apply the ink pad directly onto the “female” or “de-bossed” side of the folder. Ink the folder thoroughly by tapping the inkpad directly onto the folder design.

Slip cardstock paper into the folder and run through Sizzix machine. Open folder and place image on a flat surface.

Apply another color of ink to a clean brayer. Gently apply brayer to raised areas of the impression on the cardstock. It may take several runs through the ink to achieve the look that is desired, but it is important not to press down hard on the brayer. If too much pressure is applied, the de-bossed areas will receive some of the coordinating ink.

Once this technique is mastered, try applying light ink to the entire Textured Impression as directed above, then come back in with a deeper shade of coordinated ink around bottom of edges and into the middle and perhaps, add one more deeper shade again at the very bottom then apply Impression to paper. (See photo). 

Additional Tip: Use of a blending tool can aid in the flow of colors. Just remember to ink up the blending tool too!

Sizzix Art Room

die cutting supplies

surfaces: solid cardstock of your choice
ink: Two complimentary colors plus several shades of one selected color for additional project.
tools: Ink Blending Tool; rubber brayer

Need more Textured Impressions project ideas?  Sizzix.com's gallery has over 500 projects featuring Textured Impressions.  Find them all here: Textured Impressions Idea Gallery

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6 thoughts on “Die Cutting Paper: Textured Impression Brayer Technique”

  • Anonymous

    WoW! That is a beautiful technique. Thank you for sharing an excellent tutorial. I will be using this technique in the future. I love the sizzix embossing folders they are the best!Jacquelene L.Canada

  • Anonymous

    Love this technique. Definitely going to try this one. One question, how do you clean the embossing folder and keep that from staining?

  • Ro

    Tks so much for this tut! It led me to the new textured embossing folders on the sizzix website which I frequent often. I have done this technique before, but not the brayering on the raised side. I will try it. O have tons of sizzix folders but got to get some of the new ones. One question....I have problems with ink coverage. It is not as complete as yours seem to be. Sometimes it produces a nice effect. But, should I be using a specific type of ink?? Tks again.

  • Renee

    Excellent, will try this, thank you :)

  • Kentuckianna

    thanks for these tips. this is something I'd like to do.

  • Jennifer

    Love this and can't wait to try it!

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