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Die Cutting Techniques: Textured Impressions Glue Sheets

Today I have a fun technique to share with you from our friend May Flaum.  May loves techniques and was so excited about this one that she wanted to share it with our Sizzix readers.  This technique is not only out of the box, but also really fun to do!  It totally takes me back to what fun it was in grade school playing with glue!  Enjoy- Tammy

From May:

One of my favorite tricks is to apply a thick coating of glue to one side of a texture fade and create a textured material perfect for my crafting projects. Today I’d like to share how-to, and share a card that I created using this technique.

die cutting
  1. Apply a generous coating of glue to one side of a Texture Fade or Textured Impressions folder. You need to make sure it is a type that will dry non-tacky, smooth, and fairly transparent. If you are unsure I’d advise doing a small test patch. I like Perfect Paper Adhesive by US Art Quest, Claudine Hellmuth’s Multi-Medium, and I also hear Elmer’s glue is good for this as well.
  2. While it’s drying, you could spritz (lightly) with a mist if desired. On this project I used a squirt of Dylusions pink mist and a squirt of perfect pearls mist for a bit of shimmer too. You can color once dry too – so don’t worry if you don’t want to commit just yet!
  3. Once the glue is totally dry (I wait 24hrs always!) gently peel it off! Go slowly, start at several edges/points, and it should come right off. If it is sticking, it may not yet be totally dry.
  4. Now the fun part – you can further color the glue sheet (in my example I rubbed gently with pink and black archival inks to accent the raised parts), cut it in pieces, or use it as-is on a project.
  5. To adhere, use either more liquid adhesive, a strong double sided adhesive (I used double sided tape sheet on mine), or stitch into place. I’d advise hand stitching if you decide to do that method.

The hardest part is waiting – but the results are worth it! The texture and feel of these sheets is just so cool, and it’s just another fun way to utilize those Texture Fades and Textured Impressions. I hope you’ve enjoyed my card and how-to!

May Flaum

Looking for more inspiration for your Texture Fades and Textured Impressions folder?  Check out out the project gallery on Sizzix.com for over 600 more ideas!

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