DIY Boho Teardrop Pendant

This long teardrop tassel necklace delivers a great look and a lot of movement as it is a 44 inch long, beaded chain BOHO necklace. No clasp needed, just slip it over your head and update your look as you swing into style. The beautiful agate center stone delivers a charming and expensive look. Stay on trend the easy way with this cute project!




Cut Shapes for pendant:

Cut two 2 ¼” teardrop shapes from turquoise leather. Cut one 2 inch (pinked edge) teardrop shape from Denim Lambskin. Cut one 1.75” teardrop from metallic silver leather.

Cut Shapes for Bail:

Cut one 2.25” pointed oval fold over shape in metallic silver leather. Cut one 2” pinked edge fold over shape in turquoise leather. Cut one 1.25” pinked edge fold over shape in denim lambskin leather.


Use Fiebings leather glue and a brush to glue the two turquoise teardrop die cut shapes back to back. Then brush a layer of glue on the backside of the denim lambskin teardrop die cut shape and carefully center and place it on the top of the turquoise teardrop shape. Smooth firmly. Next brush glue on the backside of the silver teardrop shape and center it atop of the denim teardrop.


Brush Fiebings glue on the backside of the turquoise 2” fold over shape and center it on the face side of the metallic silver 2.25” pointed oval shape. Next brush glue on the backside of the 1.25 denim lambskin fold over shape.


On the backside of the bail brush glue on each tip of the pointed oval shape, then fold it over on top of the pendant shape until the two silver tips touch. Secure with clamp. Let dry.


Use Loctite superglue gel to attaché the agate cabochon onto the face of the pendant. Let dry.


Cut 44” of bead chain. Use jewelry tweezers to run through the bail. Attach ends with round jump ring. Carefully pull chain through bail until the jump ring is hidden inside the bail and not showing. Use Stitching size rotary hole punch on center setting to carefully punch one hole center, bottom edge of the pendant. Go through both layers of turquoise leather being careful not to get too close to the edge. Place one oval jump ring through this hole. Attach second oval jump ring to top of tassel. Attach the two oval jump rings together.

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