End of School Gift Box: A Fun and Fast DIY


Hello, Leica here!!!!

I am so very very excited to be back! For my very first blog post I wanted to make a cupcake holder. School is so close to being finished, what a great idea for end of the year gifts. Maybe for teachers, bus drivers, etc. You can customize it using any papers that you love, and then put a yummy cupcake in it! Or you can keep it just as a box and put anything you want in it!

So let's get started!


I begin cutting by using the Sizzix Sandwich method, cutting pad, die- Sizzix Bigz XL Die - Box, Cupcake, paper, cutting pad, and rolled it through the Big Shot Machine. I had to run the same die through again cutting a few more pieces. You need multiple of the sides.


Once you cut all the pieces, you will need to fold along the crease line. Make sure you look at the instructions on the die- It gives steps of how to assemble the box and what to cut off.


Because I plan to put a cupcake in it, I wanted to fill the little window with cellophane. I like to keep packaging for this. Sizzix packaging is excellent for this! Just cut it into little squares and then glue it on the inside.



See how it makes a really cool window?

Next let's start building the box. I like to start with the bottom. I find it easier to build upon a base. Then I start gluing pieces together. Do this for all sides.



Then you eventually have the box.


Isn't that super cute? I love how you can personalize it any way you want! I decided to decorate it with butterflies. I handout out a butterfly out of this paper.


Then I cut a base butterfly using this die Sizzix Bigz Die w/Texture Fades - Butterfly Duo. I think it just makes it pop out more.


Thanks for checking out my cupcake box, I had a blast making it! See you next time!sizzix_blog_frame_supplies1Sizzix Bigz Die w/Texture Fades - Butterfly Duo

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