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Make EPP Stars with Your Fabric Scraps!

23 Part of Sizzix's new die releases include this new Sizzix Bigz Die - Diamonds, 60 degrees, 2 1/4" Sides. I for one have a bunch of little fabric scraps, so I thought it'd be fun to show you how to make English Paper Piecing (EPP) stars from scraps using this die.


Just put your scraps through the Sizzix fabi with the 60 Degree Diamond Die and voila! You get a bunch of diamonds real quick.


(They're like bunnies!)

So have you guys ever tried English Paper Piecing (E.P.P)? It's really easy and a really nice way to cuddle up during football season or basketball season, or whichever season it is on TV. It's cold and dark as midnight outside, it's kinda nice to snuggle under on the couch, under a quilt, doing hand work. Obviously, I'm a fan!


I'm going to teaching you the glue basting method. You'll need your fabric die cut diamonds, 1 1/2'' papers, and a glue stick.


Center the paper on the wrong side of the fabric. Then run a line of glue along one side of the paper diamond close to the edge.


Then fold the fabric over the paper and press it down on the glue. Repeat for all 4 sides.

Give the pieces a press to make the edges nice and crisp. (Oh boy, do I need a new ironing board cover. Sorry!) 8

Now for the fun part. Lay out your pieces for one star.


Pick up two spokes and put them right sides together. With needle and knotted thread, start whip stitching at the one side of the spoke. After a stitch or 2, do a back stitch. Then whip stitch across the entire edge. Do a back stitch at the end before knotting off. drr-s6BYdl9ABKO5WxHT09fKz5jnvSCgvjHx0zw5HcU

Repeat for the other 2 pairs of spokes. You can give these pairs a press if you want. (I don't want to show you my pressing board again... eek!) 4SKYsxL-7QWZfdsW1C_Xiuw0DOeCv86p0OfFrfpGFBs

Now we are going to sew the pairs together. Pick up 2 pairs and match them right sides together. Whip stitch across the entire edge as described above.


This is why I love EPP. That Y-Seam right there is a piece of cake because we can easily fold the fabric.


Match the spokes being sewn right sides together. Whip stitch across this edge. Then...


Fold the diamonds to match the last spokes together. You can mash the fabric anyway you need to. I mean, you probably shouldn't go nuts, but do what you need to to match the last 2 diamonds together. Then whip stitch across this last edge.


And there you have it. One pretty star begging you to make another and another!



Other Materials

Fabric scraps
Needle and thread1 1/2'' or 1 3/4''
English Paper Piecing Papers
Glue Stick

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One thought on “Make EPP Stars with Your Fabric Scraps!”

  • I pascosunshine
    I pascosunshine Nov 14, 2015 at 08:12 pm

    I have made 4 quilts with this method , once you have done a few to get the hang of it you can try curves to make flowers octagons too .have fun and make lots of quilts.

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