Get Hip For Summer With Tim Holtz!

Tim Holtz Hipsters

"SUP" Makers? Have you had a "SWEET" start to summer?  We're pretty stoked ourselves, this is definitely one of our favorite seasons, not just personally, but for our makes as well. We decided that we needed to add an "EPIC" twist to our creations this summer with Tim Holtz, and things are about to get a little "CRAY"... are you ready to get HIP with Tim?


Starting today, and ending Thursday, July 27th, we want to see YOUR Hipster-inspired makes! Every Friday, Sizzix will randomly select and announce a winner, and every Monday, Tim will randomly select and announce a winner. And the best part is... you can enter multiple times with different projects. "LMAO" this may seem like a lot we just told you... but don't worry, we've made this super easy for everyone to participate in! "YEAH"!

1. How do you submit projects?
Follow our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc) to find out where each week's giveaway will be hosted and for instructions on how to enter. (Be sure to hashtag your Hipster makes with #hipforsummer so we can see your projects!) You can also submit your makes to us via our Maker Challenge Page, which will give you a chance to have your make featured in one of our future marketing campaigns!

2. How are winners selected?
Winners are selected at random each Friday from the specific social media platform we choose for that week, and will be announced both here on our blog, as well as across all of our social media platforms.

3. "OMG" You mentioned Tim was announcing a winner on Monday... what does that mean?
That means that Tim is selecting winners too! That's why it's important that you hashtag your makes with #hipforsummer so that you have a chance each Monday to be potentially chosen by Tim  as a winner! Be sure you're following him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest...

4. Who is eligible to participate?
EVERYONE! We want everyone all over the world to show off how HIP they are this summer. So wherever you live, we want to see your Hip-inspired makes!

5. What do you win?
Every winner selected by both Tim and Sizzix wins a pair of exclusive, "LEGIT" Tim Holtz Hipster sunglasses and a surprise Sizzix gift worth $25.00.

We can't wait to see your fantastically fun Hipster creations! If you don't have these dies with matching stamp set from Stamper's Anonymous, be sure to get them from your local craft store! Are you ready to get #hipforsummer with Tim Holtz? Let's get this making party started! Head here for this week's entry!

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5 thoughts on “Get Hip For Summer With Tim Holtz!”

  • Linda Christensen
    Linda Christensen Jun 05, 2017 at 06:48 pm

    Love Tim Holtz, and Tim Holtz's products! Exceptional quality, versatile products, our own imaginations are our only limitations.
    Tim is such a great teacher and has a wonderful team to support him (Mario) not to name drop. Took creative chemistry class in Lake Worth, using the techniques we learned to create our side my boundaries as a crafter. Sometimes, my greatest errors become some of the greatest creations and surprises.

  • Pam

    Absolutely fun and fabulous!! Great video, ?

  • Ann Aubrey

    Just love this Hipster Crew! I always watch Tim's videos and I always learn something new.

  • Wanda Hentges
    Wanda Hentges Jun 06, 2017 at 02:37 pm


  • Rosann

    W'Sup !! ... Can't wait for some Hipster Playtime !! Yeah!! <3
    Lovin' these guys... waiting for my dies to come ... didn't think I'd want the dies ... BUT OMG they look like Cray fun !!!

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