Get Pinterest Perfect Napkins With This Embossing Hack

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Hi there, it's Laura from Make Life Lovely.  Pinterest perfect parties are so popular these days, and today I'm sharing a simple trick to personalize your next party!

Napkins are a party necessity but can be kind of plain.  Create a heat embossed image on them for an instant wow factor.  It's so easy!

I remember going to my grandma's house as a child and doing crafts and projects with her.  One day she pulled out a small gold bottle that looked like magic pixie dust, and she showed me how embossing powder worked.  I couldn't believe how an embossing heat tool changed powder to a beautiful embossed image right before my eyes!

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Here's how to create some embossing magic on those napkins for your next party.  You'll need a pigment type inkpad, some embossing powder, and an embossing heat tool.  I always use my VersaMark pigment inkpad- it works perfectly!

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You'll also need an acrylic stamp block and the new It's Your Birthday Framelits die set by Lindsey Serata.  The other new Framelits sets by Lindsey would work great too!

Place your desired clear stamp onto an acrylic block, then press the stamp down into your VersaMark pigment inkpad.  Carefully and firmly press the stamp down onto the napkin where you would like the embossed image to be.

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Remove the stamp, then immediately pour embossing powder over the top of the whole stamped image.  Shake off the excess powder.  A small paintbrush works great to remove any excess powder.

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Turn on your embossing heat tool and hold the tool over the powder.  You'll notice the image geting shiny and rising up.  Turn off the tool when the entire image is raised.  The image will cool and get hard, and you'll have a pretty personalized napkin to serve!

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The sky is the limit with this since you can use any color napkin, embossing powder, or stamp that you like.

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The possibilites are endless!

Happy crafting!


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