National Needle & Thread Day: DIY Reindeer Softie Tutorial!

Hello, it’s Melanie from the QSA Team inside Sizzix. Did you know that there is a national holiday called National Thread the Needle Day and it lands on the July 25? The NEW Santa, Elf & Reindeer Die from licensed designer Jennifer Jangles is just the thing to help you get in the Christmas spirit and celebrate National Thread the Needle Day at the same time!

This project is so simple and kid friendly that the hardest part is deciding whether to make the Elf, Santa or Reindeer first…I went with Rudolph!

Once I had all his parts cut out, I started stitching them together. Assembly goes quickly, and it’s a great way to a perfect stitching technique, or just to practice making perfectly spaced stitches. (I am still working on that.)

Once all the arms, legs, ears and antlers are sewn together and the face is sewn onto the front body piece, it’s time to attach them to the body. Before you have sewn all the way around the body, stuff the reindeer with Polyester Fiberfill, just to give some structure. Then finish sewing around the edges.

Now, you know Rudolph didn’t fly that sleigh all by himself. Up next is Dasher!

Happy National Thread the Needle Day! Quilt happy!

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