How To Create A DIY Halloween Fruit Costume

Hi there! This is Debbie from the Creative Team! How excited are you that Halloween is coming up? Even though the kids already know which super hero or princess they want to dress up as, do you know what costume you’ll be wearing next month?

With the Fall season upon us, we welcome in the cooler months but say goodbye to the delicious summer fruits that we all love! But just because some of our favorites are out of season, we can still enjoy them for fun during our upcoming holiday, right?! Pineapple or Strawberry? Decisions Decisions!

Let’s head to the tropics to create this simple Pineapple Costume! Off to the islands we go!


Sizzix® Big Shot® Machine (#660200)

Sizzix® Bigz™ Die - Leaves, Plain #2 (#658105)

Sizzix® Bigz™ Die - Leaves, Spring (#661111)

Sizzix™ Accessory - Glue Gun (#663550)

Sizzix™ Accessory - Glue Gun Sticks, 8", Clear, 20 PK ( #663065)

Sizzix™ Making Essential -  Adhesive Sheets, 6" x 6", Permanent, 10 Sheets (#656802)

Sizzix™ Making Essential - Cardstock, 8 1/4" x 11 5/8", 20 Assorted Colors, 80 Sheets ( #663007)

Sizzix™ Making Essential - Felt, 8 1/4" x 11 5/8", 10 Bold Colors, 10 Sheets (#663008)

Sizzix™ Making Essential - Felt, 8 1/4" x 11 5/8", 10 Neutral Colors, 10 Sheets ( #663779)

Sizzix™ Making Essential - Adhesive Iron-On Sheet, 39 3/8" x 39 3/8" (#663009)

Bathroom Tissue Roll or Paper Towel Roll



T-Shirts (Red, Yellow)



Set an iron to the highest temperature. Cut a piece of the Iron-On Adhesive the size of your neutral brown felt piece.With the shiny side against the felt, adhere with iron moving in slow circular motion, making sure all areas are completely adhered and no bubbles appear.

Cut prepared felt into “V” shape. Quantity depends on how you prefer the them to be spaced out on the t-shirt.

Using the two different Bigz™ Leaves dies and  green felt, cut the desired amount of leaves and set them aside. I cut 20 of each leaf for the height of “crown” created in the project below.

Adhere an adhesive sheet to a piece of green cardstock. Cut the cardstock to the height of the roll and adhere the panel to an empty bathroom tissue roll.

With a Glue Gun, adhere the felt leaves to tissue roll. Start at the base of the tissue roll and apply the felt leaves as desired.

For this project, I used 5 jagged leaves in one row, followed by 5 plain leaves in the next row, repeating that pattern to the top of the roll.

Adhere the assembled “crown” to the headband, with hot glue.

Peel off adhesive sheet backing and iron “Vs” onto t-shirt, adhesive side down.


DIY Strawberry Costume

If you’re leaning towards being a “Berry” sweet girl this Halloween, the strawberry costume will be the perfect choice! Repeating the steps as shown above for the pineapple, you’ll only need to switch up a few things.

To create the strawberry “seeds”, use cream felt and the same Bigz Leaves dies that were used to create the pineapple.  For the stem of the strawberry, cut a long strip of cardstock in a “stem shape”. Adhere a strip of green felt on both sides of the stem with hot glue and adhere it to a headband. Surround the stem with assorted die-cut green felt leaves in a desired pattern.


I hope you enjoyed these quick costume ideas! We would love to hear about the other types of fruit you might consider for Halloween. Leave some ideas in the comments below!

Until next time!

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