How To Make Paper Art Butterflies

Hi everyone! It's Alexis from the Art Room. Today I want to share my passion for paper art! I love the intricacy and effort that goes into creating entire scenes, portraits or animals from paper. One concept I recently discovered is the use of natural elements in home decor makes, such as using flower petals to create the body of a butterfly. While I was looking at these art projects, I noticed petal shapes that were similar to a few of our recently released dies. It made me think, "Why couldn't I make something that resembles this project with paper?” And that’s just what I did! Let's take a look below to see how to make a paper art butterfly using our Floral Wreath die set from Chapter 2.



Die-cut out of aqua, dark aqua, and yellow cardstock a variety of leaves from the Floral Wreath die set. The desired shape and size of the butterfly will dictate how many leaves to cut out. (* Note: If you are using textured paper, be sure to flip the paper over when die-cutting the mirror image die-cuts. This way your texture will carry through the entire butterfly.)

To create dimension, use the foam blending tool head to add complementary Distress Ink colors to the edges of all of the leaves.

Impress veins onto all of the leaves using the 1mm Fine Detail Tool and Molding Pad from the Paper Sculpting Kit. The pressure should give the leaves a dimensional effect.

On a piece of cardstock, draw the desired size and shape of a butterfly. Adhere the leaves to the the butterfly shape in a pattern of your choosing with hot glue.

(*Note: The cardstock butterfly is optional. I find it helps to have an outline to place the leaves around. If you prefer not to draw the outline, place the leaves freehand into a desired shape and size on a piece of cardstock. Once they are glued down, trim around the shape of the leaves with a pair of scissors.)

Cut a long, thin strip of gold metallic cardstock. Place the gold strip of paper into the quilling tool head from the Paper Sculpting Kit, and roll the paper in on itself. Pull the rolled paper from the tool and pull the paper apart to create a elongated coil. Manipulate the coiled paper to achieve the desired shape for the body of the butterfly. Hot glue the body to the center of the butterfly.

Die-cut out of light aqua cardstock the four-sided solid flower from the Floral Wreath set. Hot glue a bead or jingle bell into the center of the flower. Form each petal closely around the center object and hot glue each petal on to create the head of the butterfly. Place the head above the body shape with hot glue.

Cut two short, thin strips of gold metallic paper. Place the strips into the quilling tool head, and roll the paper in on itself. Pull the rolled papers from the tool and pull them apart to create a loose coil for the antennas on the butterfly. Manipulate the coiled paper as desired to achieve the final shape and hot glue the antennas on the butterfly with hot glue.

As you can see from the other samples of paper butterflies, I have utilized various die sets throughout Chapter 2, such as Flower Set (#663459) and Peony (#663593), to create different wing shapes, texture and patterns for the bodies. Once a shape is identified, it can easily be transformed into any scene you wish to create. Whether it is for an insect or for an entire scene, the possibilities are endless. What kind of paper art creations would you make? Let me know if the comments below, I would love to hear your ideas!

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Paper Art Butterflies”

  • JC Salomone

    I !over it! What a beautiful and creative idea. Can't wait to give it a try and see what I can create incorporating small beads or gemstones. Thank you for stimulating my creative juices.?

    • atrimble

      Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that you were inspired by this project. I love the idea of incorporating beads and gemstones, I may have to try that as well! -Alexis

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