How To Make This Tropical Wreath!

Hi all! It's Alexis from the Art Room. This week I have been inspired by all things tropical. From hibiscus flowers to monstera leaves, there are so many different ways to incorporate the tropical trend into every day making opportunities. This project is perfect for those upcoming summer fiestas and any home that needs a little bit of paradise inside its walls.


1. In colors of your choice, die-cut out of cardstock a variety of leaves and flowers from the Tropical Leaf, Eucalyptus and Tropical Lei Bigz dies. (*Die-cut enough leaves to cover the perimeter of the wood hoop.) For this particular wreath size, I die-cut 4 teal leaves, 3 green leaves, and 2 light aqua leaves. Additionally, I die-cut enough petals and flower centers to create 5 full flowers.

2. To create dimension, apply Distress Ink to the edges of all of the die cut leaves and flowers with a blending tool.

3. With the Crease & Curl Too,  curl and bend the leaves and flower petals to create lifelike dimension. Layer and adhere the flower petals and flower centers together with liquid adhesive.

4. Hot glue the Tropical Leaf die cuts to the wooden hoop as desired.

5. Hot glue the Eucalyptus die cuts in between the tropical leaves.

6. Adhere the flowers as desired on top of the leaves on the wreath.


I hope you enjoy making these wreaths for any upcoming parties you might have, or for any home decor projects you might have in mind for the summer season. Let me know in the comments below what tropical makes you are hoping to get around to these next few months! See you next week!

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