How to Transform Your Summer Backyard

To make the most out of the summer months, transforming your backyard can be the perfect project with the ultimate pay off. Imagine those sun worshipping days and relaxing summer evenings in your stylish and comfy yard, which you can easily create on a budget!

Upcycle your Yard Furniture

Old and unloved backyard furniture is far too commonly seen in outdoor spaces. With a bit of treatment and a lick of paint, you can transform your furniture into beautiful pieces that add color and style to your garden or outdoor space. Don’t forget, negative die-cuts are perfect to stencil beautiful designs to your upcycled pieces!

Cozy Canopies

Create an amazing outdoor space with a DIY canopy! Simply hang fabric of your choice from your local fabric store or arts and crafts retailer to create your own cozy canopy. Adding outdoor fairy lights are a great way of creating extra ambience. Or, for a trendy boho style, why not create your own pom poms and tassels to create a gorgeous trim to your canopy, perfect for parties and when entertaining.,, diylilahmagazine.views

Pop-Up Drinks Station

In the hot summer weather, it’s important to stay hydrated. A pop-up drinks station is the perfect way to make your back yard into your own haven for drinks and relaxation, for parties or just for those hot summer days! Upgrade your drinks station with die-cut garlands using the Tropical Lei and Tropical Leaf Bigz for the ultimate tropical paradise, both available at Sizzix.,

Create an Outdoor Living Room

The goal of transforming your backyard is to create an outdoor space you can relax in and enjoy, increasing your living space by essentially creating your own outdoor living room. Upcycled furniture, cozy canopies and a drinks station with outdoor fairy lights for extra ambience, are all the elements you need for the perfect outdoor living room. For added coziness, complete your backyard transformation with handmade cushions and throws with die-cut appliqué and pom-poms for added personalization.,,

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