I'm Back!

My trip to Toronto, Canada was definitely a quick one!  ;)

I landed at 10:30pm Tuesday night, went on the air four times on Wednesday, and then left my hotel at 3:50am on Thursday to head home.  :)

Being on The Shopping Channel was really fun.  I've been on QVC many times, so I knew pretty much what to expect, but there were some differences, too.  All in all, the trip was successful.  If you didn't get to catch the airings, you can see videos on their website.  The Shopping Channel 

On the set at The Shopping Channel in Canada
My guest badge.

I was told Tim Horton's was THE place to go, so of course I had to check it out!

Can you say YUMMY?!?!

Oh, and YES, it was cold!  Haha...I'm a California girl, through and through, so the 10 degree weather was pretty cold.  ;)  You should of heard everyone at the office laughing at me when I told them I didn't have a heavy jacket.  ;)  {I don't think they sell jackets in CA that would keep me warm in 10 degree weather!}  :)

Anyway, I can't wait to go back.  I met a lovely scrapbooker/crafter, {Hi Carmi!} and hopefully I can stay longer next time to do some site seeing.

Happy Crafting!


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