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Learning With Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

Learning with Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

Today, I got to get a super fun and quick class from our Creative Director of New Markets and Sizzix Designer Jen Long. Initially, I was going to be learning from our Art Department, but, due to the fun with that class, that will need to wait until Friday.  Now, I know that my Pink Paper Leather final result isn't a beautiful crafted project, but, I didn't want it to be. I wanted to really hone in on learning techniques with Inksheets™, and Jen made sure that happened. Ready to see what I learned? Lets do this!

Learning with Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

We started off with a reverse transfer technique using Pink Paper Leather, Gold Inksheets, and an embossing folder. Jen explained to me that crafters are incredibly conservative when it comes to their supplies, and with Inksheets, most people don't realize that they can be used and reused in multiple ways. Jen's sandwich for this prior to running it through the Big Shot machine was: Multipurpose Platform (tab 1), Impressions Pad, Paper Leather, Inksheet (shiny side up), Dress Form Set embossing folder (left open with embossed side down), and a Cutting Pad.

Learning with Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

I don't know why, but I was still in shock over the fact that the ink didn't budge. This picture is kind. I literally tried to rub off the ink multiple times with no luck. (Also, Paper Leather is INCREDIBLY durable.) It was so cool to see the ink impression on the Paper Leather left by the embossing folder! And, I have to admit, Jen has a knack for picking out cute color combinations. Pink and gold? So much yes to that!

Learning with Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

This next part, was probably my favorite technique. We took an Adhesive Sheet and transferred the "sticky stuff"(that's a technical crafting term...I'm pretty sure...) onto the Paper Leather. Then we placed the Inksheet that had the negative space from the embossing folder on top of where we had placed the adhesive. Jen then ran this through the Big Shot using the Multipurpose Platform (still tab 1), a Cutting Pad, Paper Leather with Inksheet, the Silicone Pad, and then the Impressions Pad. Jen then took the Inksheet and peeled it away from the Paper Leather. How cool is that?! But we weren't done just yet.  We needed to add another pop of color.

Learning with Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

Since we still had adhesive left in the negative space of the embossing design, Jen let me choose a Deco Foil color. As teal is one of my favorites, I chose it, possibly, a little over enthusiastically. Jen cut a strip of the foil and placed it over the negative space (shiny side up). We ran it through the Big Shot, using the same sandwhich as we did in the step before. When Jen peeled the foil off, we were left with a really pretty, shiny blue design with gold surrounding it. What made this even cooler for me was the fact that we did this on Paper Leather. Inksheets can go on literally ANYTHING!

Learning with Jen Long: Another Inksheets Adventure

Its not perfect, its not a beautiful craft by any means, but its mine. I can use these techniques now to make something really cool. I'm still pumped up with excitement right now typing this, my mind going a mile a minute about what I want to do with what I've just learned. I hope that I've inspired a similar reaction from you with this as well. (For the last installment of our Inksheets™ Week Adventure, visit us here.)

What kinds of techniques with Inksheets would you like to learn?

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