Follow Along On An Inksheet Week Adventure

Follow Along On An Inksheets Week Adventure!

Happy Monday, crafters! Today starts a new week, which means new crafts and new inspirations. For me, this week brings learning something new. Since I've been at Sizzix now for 2 months, I've been learning A LOT, about product, how to use product, and the different ways you can craft and create. But this time, I thought maybe I should bring you along for the learning adventure I'm undertaking this week.  I got asked a question over the weekend from a follower on our social media asking about the use of Inksheets. I was dumbfounded. Sure I had heard of them, but had absolutely no clue how to use them. So I started investigating and asking questions, realizing that others may have these questions too. I won't lie, I am someone who is prone to chaotic messes when crafting (especially with glue, glitter and ink- its even worse when all three are used in the same project) the idea and use of Inksheets really intrigued me. What exactly are these things? How can I use them? Are they REALLY going to eliminate my messes with regard to ink? If you've been wondering some (or all) of these questions, then stick around. There's so much to share with you.

"But wait, there's more!" There has never been a more truthful statement when it comes to Inksheets. From embossing, to debossing, to adding an antiqued effect, to using thinlits, to being able to use them on literally any surface with any texture, to even being able to use Washi Tape as a method of removal... Inksheets are seemingly the superhero of ink crafting. And no mess?! Seriously. Inksheets=Super Awesome.

Follow Along On An Inksheets Week Adventure!

When I first started going through previous projects done by our design team using Inksheets, this mixed media tag done by Anna-Karin immediately leaped out to me. Its bold. Its beautiful. And, in quickly scrolling through the tutorial, I got a little scared. This didn't seem like a project that I would be able to make "mess free". But when I started reading how Anna explains her use of thinlits to create a stamp-like effect, I was immediately calmed. I could do this too! Also, her layered butterfly embellishments with distress ink for a pop of color really made me happy. (I like butterflies.)

Follow Along On An Inksheets Week Adventure!

I love fall. I love pumpkin spiced lattes, boots, hoodies, scarves... I think that's a big factor of why I absolutely love the colors of this card, especially since it beautifully ties into a fall-like theme. Tami Mayberry used the Gold Inksheets with a patterned thinlit and added ribbon with a Thank You sentiment as embellishment.  What struck me about this DIY tutorial is that it was elegant and simple. There was zero room for any mess that I could possibly make. This too will be an Inksheet project I will make this week.

Follow Along On An Inksheets Week Adventure!

This one....does leave room for a mess where I am concerned. But it was so beautiful that I couldn't leave the scrapbooking possibilities out of this. Jan Hobbins created this fantastic layout using the thinlits as a stamp with the Inksheets and distress paint with water to create the watercolor effect of the background. And while I know the ink from the Inksheets wouldn't wind up on my hands or clothing or craft table, I'm pretty sure that I would have beautifully stained carpets and skin with the distress paint. But despite that, I think that for a first time scrapbook page, this one would be worth the distress ink mess.

I'm told by our Art Department here that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the crafting possibilities that come with Inksheets, and just as a precaution, to bring a smock to the office with me on Wednesday when we get into the embossing and antiquing tips and tricks for these amazing sheets of ink. The excitement I have right now can't even be put into a coherent word format. But I hope you'll join me again for my next post. (For the 2nd installment of this Inksheets™ Adventure, join us here.)



In light of the learning I'm doing this week, we want to share the love of these awesome Sizzix supplies. Starting today and ending Monday, November 2nd, we are offering a giveaway of our Texture Boutique machine with the Inksheets Starter Kit. But we didn't want to limit it to just one winner. We have 2 more Inksheet Starter Kits to giveaway as well! All you need to do is answer this question we're dying to know: How would you use Inksheets in your crafting projects?

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