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Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

Happy Leap Day Makers!!

As you provably know, today is no ordinary Monday. We have an extra day this year and that is really awesome. To celebrate this whole extra day of fun and making we took a lot back at what inspired us last leap day. Check out our top 5 past makes with this blast from the past.

1.) Bird Ornament

Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

Check out this tutorial on the cutest bird ornament this side of the Mississippi. We may have uploaded this make 4 years ago, but it has not lost it's adorableness. In fact, this little guys makes me wish we could bring back the bird craze. Is that legal? Do we need to call the Makers Bring Things Back Committee..or...can we just do it? Either year, this is one bird that isn't flying away. Can we also take a moment and ogle that flower?  How perfect is that little flower? Made with our flower layers #5 die, it makes an easy accessory for everything in your life.

2.) Heart Purse

Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

This cute little purse may not carry all the necessities that ladies need these days, but it does make one cute treats bag. This paper goodie is perfect for themed parties, playtime, or even as gift bags. Check out this easy to digest tutorial on our blog from a few years back! The cute little die used to make this awesome make is our favorite purse die.

3.) Carrot Treat Box

Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

How adorable is this Spring themed treat cone? Made to look like a carrot, it is the perfect shape and color for spring. Find the Eclips cartridge that was used here  to hep you replicate this cute box just in time for spring. Also, check out the tutorial post here, to get a detailed step by step and add that touch of inspiration to your spring decor.

4.) Friendship in Bloom

Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

One thing that will never get old or outdated leap year to leap year is friendship. We think friends are the bees knees around here and that is why this little card is so outstanding. The dies that were used to make the card are up for grabs here. Share with a friend or give this make to a new buddy.

5.) Vintage Pockets

Leap Into Creativity With These 5 Makes

I's nice to look back and know that our 2012 selves were as excited for vintage inspiration as our 2016 selves are. You can easily add the flower embellishments with our 3-D Flowers Die to anything Vintage or fun, but check out the full tutorial on these cute pocket envelopes here to get more detailed instructions.

Well makers that's all for our leap day inspiration, but don't miss our amazing sale today where you can get up to 80% off select dies. Also, let us know what you thought about our post. Do you remember what you were making 4 years ago? What do you think you'll be making next leap year? Do you think the birds craze should back soon?

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