Make These Leather Filigree Teardrop Earrings & Make a Statement!

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 11

Hey friends!  Adrianne here with you today to share a project straight from the Sizzix Jewelry Studio.  These leather filigree earrings are a fast project that looks like it's straight from the boutique!Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 1

Some of you know that I've been using my Sizzix Big Shot for years to make jewelry, but there are so many more new options for the DIY jewelry lovers out there!  We will be combining leather, beads, rivets, and teardrop elements to make up these boho-chic earrings. (And also - don't you just love the new tool caddy you can attach to your Big Shot?  It keeps everything you need close at hand!)

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 2

To die cut these small jewelry shapes with precision, you'll be making your Sizzix sandwich with the Movers & Shapers Shuttle (a magnetic platform designed specifically for use with Movers & Shapers dies), your die with the flat side magnetically placed on the shuttle, the leather arranged on top of the steel rule die, and one acrylic cutting pad on top.  The process is the same!  Simply roll it all through your Big Shot to quickly and cleanly die cut your leather piece.

If you've ever tried to cut leather with scissors then you know - it can be very difficult to keep a straight line.  The new jewelry dies help you make professional die cuts at home on your Sizzix Big Shot, and I am SO thrilled to have so many jewelry-specific new shapes and designs.

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 3

If you're not familiar with jewelry-making, don't worry!  Many of the techniques are similar to paper crafting.  To attach the filigree teardrop to the top of your leather, it will involve punching a hole in the leather.  Use a hollow point leather punch on a steel block to accomplish this - just position the hollow point where you need the hole to be, and tap the top of the tool with a hammer a few times until it cuts a clean, round hole.

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 5

Just as with paper crafting, a little bit of the right kind of glue goes a long way.  Personally I prefer Gutermann Creative Textile Glue when gluing metals to fabrics and leather, but just check the packaging on your favorite adhesive.  Anything that will bond metal and leather is appropriate for this project!

Additionally, I added a crystal rivet to the center of the teardrop.  This is partially for extra security, but mostly just for the added bling!  If you're using a crystal rivet like I am, you need a rubber block to set it.  You risk cracking the crystal if you attempt to set it on a steel block.  Crystal compression rivets snap together initially so that you can position them.

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 6

Place the crystal side down on the rubber block, and use a concave rivet setting tool on the back side of the snap rivet.  Hit the top of the tool a few times until the rivet is compressed as tightly as possible.

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 8

Next, I decided a little crystal bead charm was in order.  This step is completely optional!  If you choose to add a bead charm, you can make it by threading a couple of 3-6mm beads onto a head pin.  (I'm using a 4mm topaz crystal bicone bead and a round faceted 6mm clear crystal bead.)  The easiest way to make a charm is to use a 1-step looping tool.  Just thread the pin into the tool with the beads snug against the looper.  Squeeze the looper, and it will form a loop and simultaneously cut off any excess wire.

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 7

Finally, now that all your components are complete, all you need to do is assemble them together using jump rings!  Add two jump rings between the top of the teardrop and the bottom of your earring wires, and a single jump ring to the bottom of your teardrop and the top of your beaded charm.  Jump rings should be twisted open (not pulled apart) with jewelry pliers, and twisted closed again once all the components are attached.

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 10

The end result is a pair of earrings that sparkle and shine, and are sure to attract plenty of attention!  You'll love saying, "thanks, I made them myself!"

Embellished Leather Teardrop Earrings 9




Other Materials Used:

  • Steel Block
  • Rubber Block
  • Hammer
  • Hollow Leather Punch
  • Rivet Setting Tool
  • Gutermann Creative Textile Glue
  • Crystal Rivets (2)
  • Jewelry Head Pins (2)
  • 4mm Topaz Bicone Crystal Beads (2)
  • 6mm Clear Faceted Round Crystal Beads (2)
  • 4mm Jump Rings (6)
  • Earring Wires (2)
  • One-Step Looping Tool
  • Jewelry Pliers

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