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Sizzix Tutorial | Linen Wedding Banner by Tami Mayberry

Hi all! Tami Mayberry here with you today. My daughter is getting married on August 1st so I have been in full wedding mode lately. Today I am going to show you how I used my Sizzix eclips machine to create this banner for her wedding shower--which can easily be adapted to any season or occasion!!


Begin by making a pattern for the banner pieces. Start with an 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of card stock. Place a mark at the bottom center (4 1/4-inches).


Draw lines from the top corners to the bottom center mark.


Cut along lines creating a pattern for your banner pieces.


Trace pattern onto your fabric creating the desired number of pieces. I chose a tightly woven linen that would take paint easily and have minimal fraying. Also note, if you will rotate the pattern with each new piece it will reduce the number of cuts required and save fabric. Set pieces aside.


Next, we will create stencils for painting the letters and shapes on the banner pieces. For this I used my eclips machine.  To create stencils, begin by drawing a 5 x 5-inch square in your eCAL software.


Next, add the desired letter or shape. For my banner I used the font Bambi Bold font.


Create up to four stencils for each 12 x 12 piece of card stock and cut with eclips electronic cutting machine.


Place stencil onto banner shape and tape in place with painter's tape.


Stencil image onto banner piece using acrylic paint and sponge stencil brush.


Remove stencil and let dry.


Zig-zag stitch along top of banner pieces to prevent fraying. Attach to twine using mini clothes pins.


And there you have it! A fun and easy banner for any occasion! Note that by attaching the pieces with clothes pins they can easily be moved or rearranged for other occasions. After the shower, this banner will have the letters changed out to read Mr & Mrs to be used at the reception.

Tami Mayberry

Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Other Supplies Used:

  • Woven fabric
  • 8 1/2 x 11 card stock (for banner pattern)
  • 12 x 12 card stock (for stencils)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sponge stencil brush
  • Mini clothes pins
  • Twine

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