Make the Sharpest Looking Fold-a-Long Card Ever With This DIY!


Cactus are one of the biggest trends right now.... who would not like a cute cactus card! Jen Long created this SUPER adorable Cactus Fold-a-Long Thinlits that would make a unique gatefold card for both girls and guys. Imagine the card presented in a little sandbox or flower pot!


The pack includes an individual cactus die for an insert you can write a message.


I LOVE using glitter cardstock to die-cut alphabets or sentiments.


To begin, you will need a cardstock 6 inches by 12 inches folded into half. Next the follow these steps for your sandwich :
1) the Magnetic Platform
2) one Cutting Pad
3) lay the folded edge of cardstock to the right of your Cutting Pad
4) place the Thinlits on the cardstock. The straight edges of the Thinlits must be just a tiny bit over the fold.
3) the other Cutting pad, and roll this sandwich through the Big Shot.

Jen Long has a video you might like to watch : Fold-a-long Card


This is how the card base looks like and you can see the score lines are very clear making folding the card really easy.


The outer flaps come together to form a whole cactus ! If you are short of time, you can stop here and just add the cactus insert with a message. But if you are a little artsy like me, follow this tutorial to create a card with more details.


Using watercolour paper, die-cut 2 half cactus shapes



Smoosh yellow and green dye ink onto a plastic sheet and spritz with water. Swipe the cactus shapes to pick up the colors.


Splatter with a black and white paint.


I made a flower pot in Kraft paper to use as a card closure.


The cactus insert was sprayed lightly with a pale green color and the details added. And that's it, you are done !

This is such a cute card to make and the special people receiving them will simply love how fun it looks. Here's wishing you happy crafting !

Singature:Aida Haron


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