Makers, Beware: This Haunted Sleigh Ride Is Seriously Awesome


Hey everyone, it's Hilary here today sharing with you a Haunted Sleigh Ride project, perfect for your Halloween decor, made from the Sleigh Favor Box by Brenda Walton.  I adore this die for Christmas, but thought I'd change it around a bit and adapt it for a spooky Halloween project, and I love how it turned out.


Creating projects like these are so fun because the sky is the limit when it comes to embellishing  and let's get serious, any project where you can add some pumpkins and skeletons, is right up my alley.  I just love Halloween and I love creating for Halloween.  For my Haunted Sleigh Ride centerpiece, I added a faux brick road, some moss, a distressed wire gate, hay stacks, pumpkins, lanterns  and skeletons, all sitting atop a black pedestal.


Sitting behind the sleigh is another not-so-lucky 'passenger' whose demise came much too soon. :)


Filling the sleigh was half the fun so let your imagination go wild, fill with haystacks, pumpkins and a little lit lantern.  Let me show you how I created this fun Halloween centerpiece. Here are the materials you will need:


Other Materials Used:

  • Other supplies used:
  • Wooden circle
  • Wooden pedestal
  • Black cardstock
  • Pattern paper
  • Black satin spray paint
  • Assorted embellishments:  haystacks, pumpkins, cross bones, lantern, and skeletons
  • Brushed pewter distress paint
  • Faux brick road
  • Moss
  • Hot glue
  • E-6000 adhesive


First using the Sleigh Favor Box, die cut chipboard and pattern paper. Your cutting sandwich is as follows.  Cutting pad, die, (blades up), pattern paper or chipboard, then a premium crease pad on top.


Next using black satin spray paint, and in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, spray all the chipboard pieces, front and back along with a wooden pedestal, and wooden disk.  Let dry.


Die cut the gate using the Gothic Gate thinlit by Tim Holtz, using a magnetic platform, followed by a cutting pad, 110 lb black cardstock, thinlit, facing down, and another cutting pad on top.

Once cut, paint the gate with Brushed Pewter Distress Paint and set aside to dry.


Next step is to adhere pattern paper to the outside of the middle section of the sleigh.  This is a 4 part scored section that acts as the middle part of the sleigh.  Then using the side pieces, which align perfectly with the middle section, adhere the sides to the middle piece using a good strong adhesive like hot glue.


When both sides are adhered, your center section will look like this.


Next, adhere distressed cardstock and patterned pieces to the sides of the sleigh as shown.


...and adhere the sides of the sleigh to the middle section.  now your sleigh is complete.


I did adhere a front 'bench' for the "driver" of the sleigh to sit on, and I did this by simply using die cutting another mid section from chipboard, cutting off one of the sections and adhering it to the bottom of the sleigh using a bead of hot glue.  Very easy to do.   Adhere haystacks, a pumpkin and lantern to the sleigh, or whatever other filler you'd prefer, and don't forget to adhere cross bones to the sides. :)


Now comes the fun part of adhering it all together and creating your scene.  Start from the bottom and work your way up. Adhere a faux brick road to the painted wooden disk, then adhere the sleigh on top.  Finish by adding some moss to the 'road', you skeletons on the bench and behind the sleigh, and then adhere the Gothic Gate to the back.

Adhere to top to a painted pedestal using E-6000 adhesive.


Voila!  You have completed your ultra-spooky Halloween centerpiece!

I hope I've inspired you to create one of your own, and I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial and project today.

Have a wonderful week!


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