Available Now on Sizzix.com: New Bigz Dies!

Brace yourselves, Makers! Our Bigz are back, brand new, and ready for some crafting action. Packed with power, our four Newer Bigz can cut through an amazing variety of materials, like cardstock, chipboard, and leather - all while wrapped as an adorable mini taco. Find out how to unleash your crafting abilities by reading more about these fun-filled, action packed, and ridiculously cute Bigz dies.

Our Mini Ice Pop Box Bigz Die is the crafty way to chill out! This cleverly designed box allows you to pull out the Popsicle stick for surprise treats and treasures. Both the ice cream box and cover sleeve are included in just one die, making this frozen dessert quick and easy to assemble. Embellish according to your favorite flavor!

Everyday is Taco Tuesday with these little treat boxes! Our Mini Taco Box are perfect for filling with candies, favors, and other delicious toppings. Add lettuce, cheese, and jalapeno embellishments for a robust and flavorful presentation. And no, the guac finally does not cost extra.

You know we couldn't have some new Bigz dies without putting in some beautiful floral designs in there. This time, we added in a Texted Impressions Embossing Folder with this Bigz die, so you can add that dimension and detail that you always wanted with your florets. Use our Butterfly Embellishments to complete your floral arrangements, necklaces, or many more.

These Mini Ice Cream/Pizza Boxes may seem just perfect as a cute, stand alone craft...

...but they actually hold a surprise! Fill these scrumptious boxes with all types of treats for a crafty way to snack. Since this is one of our Bigz L Dies, the design possibilities are large and endless! Decorate your ice cream and pizza with any of your favorite toppings, like sprinkles or pineapples (because Sizzix is a no judgement zone, especially about pizza toppings).

Check your local craft store for a chance to get these Bigz dies in your arsenal! Find them here. Don't forget to share your makes by tagging #sizzix or following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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