Our 5 Favorite Memories From The Makery's OC Etsy Craft Party


Lisa Cherry and her team at The Makery Craft Co are truly some of the most wonderful people we've been given the privilege of working with! Last Saturday, we attended The Makery Craft Co's OC Etsy Craft Party at the OC Mix along with several other sponsors for the BIGGEST craft party and make and take for Orange County, California. Despite the heat and gorgeous sunshine, Lisa and her team made this craft party one of the most memorable and amazing events that we've been apart of, from the location, to the make and takes, to the attendees and giveaways! We can't wait to share our 5 favorite memories from this epic craft party with you!

1.) The OC Mix13466116_1228037963882144_6852424542073156125_n

Located in Costa Mesa, California (just 16 miles from our office here in Lake Forest) the OC Mix is the perfect combination of little shops and restaurants, with a gorgeous outdoor courtyard full of succulent plants and fountains. Lisa Cherry and her team created the most awesome boho themed set-up in the courtyard, where we, and several other sponsors set up our crafting tables for our make and takes with the attendees.  We couldn't stop taking pictures of our beautiful surroundings while we were there, and combined with a live DJ playing some upbeat jams, we couldn't think of a better place to be for this epic craft party!

2.) Make & TakesUntitled design (3)

Make and takes are our pride and joy, and this event was no exception. We brought one of the trendiest and cutest jewelry makes for the attendees to create from Product Designer, Lindsey Serata's new Jewelry Collection. This line includes fantastic geometric designs with a modern look and feel to it! This collection allows for so much jewelry making playtime, with so many layering and mixing and matching options- which we delightedly saw with each necklace that was made!

3.) Lindsey Serata13466499_1228038180548789_8090204041963177009_n

We love all of our Product Designers here at Sizzix, we loved that our Product Designer for our new Jewelry collection, Lindsey Serata joined us at this Craft Party! Outside of designing for Sizzix, Lindsey loves ice skating, painting, snap-chatting and spending time with her friends and family.  Be sure to follow Lindsey on Facebook and Instagram for some sneak peeks of this new jewelry line and more! We can't wait for all of the new Sizzix products to come from Lindsey's designs!

4.) Meeting the AttendeesAre

There's nothing more inspiring than getting to spend an evening at the center of creativity – from the other sponsors that attended, to the bloggers, Etsy-lovers and DIYers, getting to make, create, learn, celebrate and connect. We had such a blast being able to connect with so many different makers and getting to see and participate in their creativity! 

5.) Giveaways13510995_1228040177215256_1246796535586752619_n

Giveaways are always fun, but this time, we got to not only make and spend time with our Sizzix Jewelry Studio winner, Kamaile, but we got to give her her giveaway prize too! The giveaway fun from this craft party is over yet, though. For those who attended, The Makery Craft Co is holding another giveaway right now! Head over to The Makery Craft Co's blog for all the details on how to enter to win our NEW Big Shot Jewelry Studio AND a leather bracelet die from Jill MacKay's new collection!

Untitled design (4)

We had such a blast spending time with some truly amazing and creative people here in Southern California and are SO thankful to Lisa and her team for letting us be apart of such a fantastic evening! If you were there with us and want to share pictures of your leather necklace, don't forget to hashtag #sizzix and #togetherwemake so we can see your jewelry makes! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more inspiration!

What was your favorite part of The Makery Craft Co's OC Etsy Craft Party?

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